Re-stuff a down vest?

jmmcd3January 4, 2011

I bought a wonderful down vest from J Crew 8 years ago, and after many years of washing and wearing, it's not looking quite as lovely and fluffy as it once did. (I've always dried it with tennis balls and treated it nicely.)

Question is, can I add more down or replace the down? I've spent an hour searching online for advice on how to do this, and haven't found any info. Anyone tried it? Is it as simple as taking out seams, filling and sewing it back up?

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I haven't re-stuffed apparel, but I have re-cased my DH's favorite down pillow. What a mess!!! The down flies everywhere! You try to grab a handful and it shoots out between your fingers! So I don't really have any advice or tips, just a warning, LOL.
You might see if there's a dry cleaners locally that can re-stuff it for you, that's the only thing I can think of. I hope someone will have better info for you.

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Working with down sucks big time! What is your sanity level? Down will drive you crazy...

You will be finding it for months after you try this.

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