Erector set for grandson

Bob_BNovember 25, 2005

I want to buy an erector set for a 7 1/2 year old grandson, and I'm overwhelmed by the choices available -- different size sets, different brands, special editions, etc.

What's a good set for this kid (brand and number of pieces)? Price is not an issue. He's average skill level for his age. Thanks.


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This is my highly scientific, time-tested way of choosing toys.
I go to the toy store and wait till a parent strolls by with a child of the same age/gender I'm shopping for. I politely ask the parent (child will listen too) what their opinion is on my selection. So far, this method has proven fool-proof.

Being so far removed from today's fads and fashions, I fear what I'd buy left to my own devices. Good luck!

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I'm afraid I can't give much help here but dian57 had a great idea! I can say that one of few toys of my childhood that still brings fond memories is the Erector Set. Along with Tonka Toys and Lincoln Logs. We never had *that* many toys but did have a couple of generous Aunts who'd get what our folks wouldn't! :) All of them were passed on to younger cousins who used them quite a bit too.

Good luck in your search. Seems so much today in the way of children's recreation has to include some sort of a video screen. It's nice to see some of the old classics are still popular.

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Being the mother of a nine year old boy, I can offer some help here. Start with the basic set. Doesn't have to be the most expensive. Special editions are a waste of money. Get the kid thinking. My son started with just the bare bones Legos. Used the little booklet and matched those things together in no time. He now uses the Legos to build garages for his Hot wheels. He also adds scraps of wood to make buildings. His imagination is endless and sometimes he amazes me. If the kid has any imagination and hasn't been zombied out by all the "do it for me toys" then he'll add stuff on his own.

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When my girls were little, I bought them Duplo blocks which are larger,colorful, easy-to-handle blocks like Legos. They were favorites for a long time. The Duplos come in all different assortments. The first set I bought was one of the more elaborate assortments, maybe 80 pieces. As parts got lost, I bought additional small assortments. My girls outgrew the blocks around age ten, but they were fun at the time. And I think they are a much better gift than collectible dolls or electronic games.

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