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watboyAugust 3, 2014

i installed a green garden fence near my neighbors fence in the backyard but 3 inches or more from the property line. it's one of those green fences you buy at lowes in a roll and you roll put and you just basically drive a post in with a hammer. well my neighbors who hate me went out and took a picture of it. i'm assuming they will complain and go to city. do I need a permit for this type of fence. I put in due to rabbits and turkeys going underneath their wood fence and eating my garden. any thoughts?

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>>> any thoughts?

Yea.. Ride it out.

People worry so much about rain tomorrow that they can't enjoy the sunshine today..

If I spent my time worrying about what the neighbors say, do or think. I would not have any time to tell them to go to He77.

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Temporary fence. Should be ok, depends on local property codes.

If the local folks tell ya to take it down---complain daily---or twice daily about animal control not controlling the varmits.

Or sue the neighbor for letting the varmits out of their yard.

Sometimes a person has to get creative.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

permits vary widely by location. best is to check with your own local authorities. you may find out it is perfectly legal and there is nothing your neighbors can do about it.

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thanks for your time folk. I've been having issues with the neighbors for over 5 years. they stalk me when I mow the lawn. whistle when I go outside. it's been nuts and I've been trying to sell for almost b7 months now. the fence is there now to keep animals out because I have a flower garden and also vegetables to worry about. they have tried to get my previous fence torn down but it was wood and I did have a permit. this one like I said it's a green type roll out fence. it is vinyl coated metal but not cemented in ground, just has these green stakes you drive into the ground. I didn't complete the whole fence but wanted to before end of week. now I'm thinking I should've called the city. I didn't think this type required a permit but maybe it did.

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ed - redundant.deleted

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Temporary garden fence should be a non event. If no cement was used its temporary.
Worse case if the town insist...they will have you fill out an "after the fact" permit so they can make their little bit of money.
Make sure where your property line is. Your neighbors may have installed their fence a foot inside their property line. That would would mean your 9" into theirs.


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Always make sure you confirm whether or not permitting is required before undertaking any project.

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City adviced no permit requires. Said neighbors can call if they have an issue.

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