Repair on old Singer

duscarterJanuary 22, 2009

My Mom's old Singer Zig Zag 457 stopped working and I am trying to fix it. She needs to finish lining her curtains. Better late than never. I hope someone here can help.

The bobbin stopped spinning. I flipped the machine over and took off the bottom plate. You see this (I removed the belt):

The wheel under the bobbin turns freely. The wheel on the right, that is turned by the motor, feels like it is spun.

I can feel the "driveshaft" turning inside of the wheel.

How do I take it off? There are no screws.

What is it called, so I can order a new one?

Sorry that I don't know the termanology. I hope this makes sense.


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There is a 'wefixit' group on yahoo that is great for singers and other brands. Good luck. A problem like your Mom's is what led to my machine collection. LOL!

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My Touch 'n Sew died in the middle of a Christmas project with symptoms much like yours. I took it to the sewing machine repair shop and he said because of its age and use, there was finally a stripped gear, which he showed to me. He charged a small fortune to fix and totally overhaul and gave me a loaner. I didn't want a new machine so overall I was satisfied and it works great now.

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