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jenicaNovember 5, 2008

Check out the video on this website:

I think you all will appreciate the message. Makes you realize that by being frugal we are not just saving our money but escaping consumerism, helping the environment, and escaping a vicious cycle that robs so many of contentment.

I'd love to here what you all think.

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Frugal me has $5/mo dialup so watching videos online is not usually too practical so I can't comment. I'm getting a little disgusted with so many sites that have to make a movie out of something instead of having a printed version of a statement. Why can't Johnny read? Because he has to watch everything on TV!

Sorry for the rant... They are valid points. People are so materialistic. And appropriate timing too, as here we come into the materialistic season!

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I feel for you. It does seem everyone needs to say things in a video these days. The only reason we have high speed is because my husband has a home office and his company pays for it. That said this video is entertaining as well as informative and with the short attention span of most people these days it reaches a bigger audience this way.

The site does try to help out those who don't have high speed by making a script available (unfortunately it's a pdf file so it might take a couple minutes to load. The script is here: Or alternately you can download the video for free, the address for the download is here: Maybe you can set it to download at night so you don't have to wait for it.

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cynic, where do you have $5 dialup?

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marti8a, there's a lot of low priced ISPs out there but I use for $4.95/mo. No tax or anything, that's the total price. Lots of access numbers so when I travel I can still use it even out in the country. I've used them for years now and have been very happy.

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Some other great sites:

Cell phone cost comparision -
ZenHabits Blog - blog
Money Saving Tips - tips from
The Simple Dollar -

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Someone might find the following link helpful too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Budget

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Story of Stuff is a great video for kids or students. Thanks. Here's a bit of an adult take . . . and from years and years ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: George Carlin Talks About

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Hmm the name of the link above got cut off. Apologies. It's George Carlin Talks about Stuff.

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