Our Aldi Thanksgiving

lauren674November 28, 2008

I tried something new this year, and bought nearly all of my ingredients for our traditional holiday dishes at Aldi.

Just want to say that everything was excellent and tasted great. We had turkey, duck, mashed potato/gravy, sweet potato casserole, sausage stuffing, apple raisin stuffing, green bean casserole, steamed vegs, cranberry (can), mandarin orange jello, pumpkin bread, brownies, apple pie, coffee, vanilla ff creamer, port wine cheese ball & goat cheese, crackers, wine.

Prices were low, and the shopping was quick and easy too. The only thing I had to buy separate was a bag of stuffing cubes, and brother brought the steamed veg dish.

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All in all I like Aldi. Sometimes it's frustrating since you never know for sure what they'll have (but then again it's that way at Sam's, Costco, even Walmart!) so it can be an adventure.

Glad to hear everything worked out well for you. I need to make a trip there soon.

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