Swiffer Wet Jet Refills

jbmagNovember 11, 2010

Hello! Has anyone figured out how to refill the swiffer wet jet bottles? They're quite expensive for as many as we would use per month but I like the convenience of them.

Thanks for the tips!

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The link below may help you out. The Tip Nut has a number of Swiffer Cloth Patterns you may be interested in as well - http://tipnut.com/make-your-own-swiffer-cloths/

I would like to give you another option that might suit your needs even better. Have you thought about switching to a steam mop?

Several years ago we received a hand held steam cleaner as a gift, which was great in the bathroom and kitchen for cleaning all surfaces and those hard-to-get-to areas, and I liked the chemical-free cleaning so much we purchased a Shark Canister Steam Cleaner, followed a few years later by a Shark Steam Pocket Mop (which is especially nice for a quick job on the floors).

Benefits... No expensive refills. You rinse the reusable mop heads in water to clean them. NO sticky cleaner residue left on your floors. Chemical-free!

The only thing I make sure I do is to use distilled or reverse osmosis water in my steam cleaners so they don't get hard water residue in them, which could cause them to plug up. We make our own distilled water, but I can get reverse osmosis water for 35-cents a gallon (fill-your-own bottles) at most of the grocery stores, Wal-Mart, and a little water shack that only dispenses reverse osmosis water.

We not only use the steam cleaners to mop floors, but we steam our beds, pillows, curtains, window blinds, carpets, and it's even great to use on windows. Steam cleaning destroys germs, viruses, molds, bacteria and dust mites. So everything is not only clean, but also sanitized.


Here is a link that might be useful: Instructables

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I second the steam cleaner. I was refilling my Swiffer with homemade solution for a couple of years but I went back to the steamer. My floors just feels so darn clean after steaming them.

In fact just last week I threw out 3 Swiffers after making the decision that it was more hassle than the steamer.

But, to answer your question, there are several instructions to be found on the internet. I never had a problem refilling the Swiffer.

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We have a steam cleaner as well, and it works great. However, we'll be moving to a house that has hard wood floors, and I worry that I'll no longer be able to use it on them. I've heard yes and no's on whether it will damage the wood. Can you give me any feedback on that? Thanks!

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You need to find out if the floors are sealed and what they are sealed with. The type of sealer or no sealer will make a difference as to damage.

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I too bought a steam mop, however it is too heavy for me to use and I let it sit a few minutes while I got water to refill and it took the shine off my vinyl flooring. I SHOULD have read the instructions more carefully I'm sure.
BUT, I never thought of cleaning windows with it. Instructions? Do you just use the steam and then dry with a clean cloth?

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melodydf1953 -

Our canister Shark, as well as our small steamer, has a small attachment that we use for windows. The good news... the glass doesn't require drying at all. You may need a small towel for a stray drip or drop is all.

Love it, love it, love it...


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You can easily get the cap off the Swiffer refills. Put about 2 inches of water in a pot. Bring it to a boil, then shut off the burner, dip the Swiffer bottle in it upside down so the plastic white cap is in the bottom of the pot, count to 15, lift the bottle out and carefully (use a paper towel or pot holder) twist the cap off. Add plain water and a small amount of cleaner (I like Lysol), then put the cap back on. You can use one bottle many times.

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