Brick&Mortar - Favorite chain?

DLM2000July 26, 2012

Many of us talk about the local independent stores that we love but the reality is (I confess) there are chains I count on, too. We are preparing for a move (not imminent) and one of the things I've been doing lately is checking to see if my favorite chains are in the area - like Home Goods, TJMaxx & Marshalls - yes! I just looked for The Container Store and DSW and, major sob!, neither is close by :(

I don't shop Target all the time but it is on my outer ring of chains I shop. WalMart isn't even on my radar though part of that is because there isn't one within at least 12 miles, but I don't consider it a great loss and won't likely shop there with a move either. Pottery Barn - eh - never go there and the catalog/internet is more convenient if I do want something. Used to love Marshall Fields, never bother with Macy's. Kohl's is nice for certain things, love Nordstrom Rack (another I have to give up),

What are your favorite Brick& Mortar chains, department, specialty, or otherwise? Maybe your favorites will help expand my options!

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I mostly order online with so much free shipping now, but normally order from sites that have a brick and mortar nearby in case I need to return. Chains I do shop at in person and online are BB&B, Target, Macy's, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Staples, B&N, Best Buy. I'm lucky as all of these are within 3 miles of my home.

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I buy most items on-line, but I hate paying shipping, so I'll visit the following stores a few times per year especially around the holidays.

The Container Store
Sur La Table
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Pottery Barn
Crate & Barrel
Z Gallerie

Before the advent of E-books, I was in Barnes & Noble every week, but I didn't renew my discount card this year for the first time in decades. Their Nook app doesn't work nearly as well as the Kindle app and their predatory pricing in-store annoys me.

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Thanks to you both for suggesting William Sonoma - that one slipped my mind for some reason and I won't lose it in the move. Z Gallerie opened in my little town last year and I still haven't been in - maybe it's time! Book stores are such a heartache for me - I love the little independents but they rarely survive anymore.

Keep 'em coming !

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You may find Z Gallerie too glitzy for your tastes, but they often get some fun small items at Christmas time that make good gifts. They also have great silk and down throw pillows at reasonable prices.

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I too hate to pay for shipping, but do order a lot on-line. I really don't do much 'shoping' but when I do have time, my go-to big-box stores, locally, are BB&B, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn (accessory pieces mostly), Anthropology, Pier 1 (good reasonably-priced placements/napkins), Stein Mart. I wish we had a Container Store, Z Gallerie and Crate and Barrel for the variety. I do go to Target & Costco now and then for paper and cleaning products primarily, but avoid Wal-Mart, even tho it is the closest of them all to our home! Kohl's doesn't do much for me.

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I am in the divestiture rather than the acquisition phase of life, but I do like Target for some things, Sur la Table for many things, Wms. Sonoma for their sauces and spice blends as well as the kitchen things I am obsessed with, and Crate & Barrel for wine glasses, some furniture, and things that are both pleasing and useful like bowls and vases and baskets.

I love looking around in Anthropologie, though I rarely buy anything. I'd have loved it when I was much younger.

And then there's Tiffany.
Stop rolling your eyes...I love their Holiday china for Christmas, and buy a piece or two every year. And I can't resist the Seashore baby china sets - although I'm not sure they still make this pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiffany Holiday

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I forgot about Anthropologie. I love going there. It's so bright and cheerful. In fact, lots of Pier 1's dishes have been quite reminiscent of Anthropologie's in the last few years, but at about 1/3 the price. I've only recently started to shop at Pier 1 again. I seldom buy anything at either store because I must control my dish addiction, but it's sure fun to look.

Bronwynsmom, that Tiffany pattern is gorgeous.

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I'm not much of shopper, but I'm lucky in that I have every store mentioned within a 10 minute drive from my house, except for Kohl's. I've never been to one, but I think there may a few out in the 'burbs. I seem to spend a lot of time at Target and Costco! For department stores, I like Nordstrom. I also like Tiffany & Co. It's my go to store for wedding and baby gifts.

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If most visited is the indicator, then I have to say Home Depot. Sigh.

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I'll add Crate and Barrel and I've just discovered Anthropologie where I found a gorgeous (and too expensive) shower curtain for my guest bath redecorating.

B&N I just order books as gifts now and also did not renew my discount card there this year. I use Ibooks and Amazon Kindle for my Ipad.

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Fun2B, I know! Isn't it divine?

My goal is not a full setting - way too much of a muchness, particularly when you actually add food - but I have a set of dessert plates, and a pitcher, and a few other serving pieces, and still on my wish list is a coffee pot, cream and sugar, and cups and saucers. We have plain gold-rimmed white porcelain as our formal china, so we can mix and match. Luckily, I married a man who likes pretty china almost as much as I do.

Sorry - I'm digressing again...

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Digress all you want...I love talking about dishes. Since December is the time when I have the most dinner parties, I'm nuts for holiday dishes. I have a set of white china that has both a platinum and a gold band on it. I mix it with salad/dessert plates from different patterns. While I love some of the tablescapes that our talented posters put together, my dinner table is set with only a charger, a bread plate, flatware and glassware, so most guests probably don't even think about the dessert service being coordinated to the dinner service. It's fun for me to know, though.

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My favorite store for women's clothing is Boscov's. They have a huge dress department.

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Lowes , Target and Kohls.

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I would miss my Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby stores~both have great sales,and at Christmas time, tons of decorating 'paraphenalia'!

Restoration Hardware is a great place to window shop, then make purchases when on sale.

I still like Tuesday Morning.

I could never do without my super Targer~24 check out lanes. i do almost all my food shopping there.

Whole Foods or a comparable organic food store would also be a priority.

As for clothing shopping, I prefer smaller boutiques off the beaten track, usually in small touristy towns where the items are unique and not usually found in department stores.

And I couldn't live w/o Whataburger~one hamburger once a month is all the meat I eat, but something I really look forward to! ; o )

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Love those Tiffany Christmas dishes. I have Spode Christmas Tree and a full set of Wedgwood Persia, not to mention the everyday stuff I have in the cabinets and attic. Most of the Spode I bought for $2/plate when we had a discount outlet near here several years ago. Same for some of the Wedgwood I bought in England. I too am a sucker for dishes and collect pitchers and unusual vases for the cut flowers I grow (I really don't have a lot of vases and pitchers, so don't get excited). That's another reason I like Pier 1 - lots of fun things to browse, even if I don't buy. I could always 'take home' (virtually) all those cute things, but I too am trying to divest some. That's what daughters and daughters-in-law are for (smile).

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Outsideplaying, I wouldn't trade my darling girl and her DH for anything, but alas, they are strict Modernists, in the Bauhaus/Eames/Neutra mold, and have great disciplined taste. (Although she does have a weakness for fine old linens, so my genes are in there somewhere!) Their loss is the consignment store's gain.

I am hoping for a grandchild who will revolt, and want all this old silver and china....if I live that long.

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Fori is not pleased

I have to confess, Penzey's the store is even more fun than Penzey's the catalog. I wish mine were closer.

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