Mailbox post cap warping - ideas?

pbx2_gwJuly 9, 2014

We have a PVC mailbox post that has a plastic cap on it.

After a couple of days the cap would start to warp & lift. Due to the sun we surmise.
not sure why the post doesn't warp also...

This is the second one that has had this happen.

Any ideas for a replacement - would prefer not to have wood cap due to maintenance.

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The post is heavier gauge and has four corners that resist movement. The flimsy-looking cap has no such geometry. If it were me, I'd get some PVC cement or some 2-part epoxy and glue it in place. Tape the corners down to the top of the post with masking tape while the glue sets up.

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OR you might plug the hole with some fine grained mud and sculpt yourself a new cap with gloves, trowel and straightedge. Its form could stand on it's own merits and not have to look exactly the same. You do know plastic posts have short lives anyway, don't you?

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Thanks grubby & kudzu for your ideas.

Another thought is placing a cooper cap on it...but we hadn't found one that would fit.

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fastening it down is the best way to go. Get some PVC cement and seal it all the way around the perimeter.

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