Craftsman GDO error code

hoosierhamJuly 26, 2006

I have a Craftsman GDO model 41A4315-7B. I have no booklet on it. The green LED by the reset button flashes 5 times then waits before flashing 5 time... etc. When I press the wall switch (one Button) the motor hums, the light comes on and that is all. Any Clues?

Thank you

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That is the code for "RPM sensor or motor overload." Most times the door is stuck in the open position when you get this. Check if the trolley (the thing the chain is attached to) is jammed against a bolt just in front of the motor unit.

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Thanks for the info Don. That was indeed the situation except that the drive mechanism seemed to be jammed too. When I took off the cover I also found that the main drive gear was broken in half. So as soon as I get a new gear assembly it will be back in operation.

Thanks again.

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Same problem, except the gear is not broken, yet. I unplugged it for about an hour hoping it would reset and then move in the close direction. No deal. Any ideas on getting this unjammed?

I also did not see any sensor that would tell it has reached the fully open position.

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If you indeed have the same problem remove the bolt just in front of the motor unit and run the opener until the door closes. While it is closed adjust the 'up limit' a couple turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. You will find this control on the side of the unit. Be sure to replace the bolt.

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At that point, after removing the bolt and resetting
the limit, is there a way to "clear" the flashing light
so it stops flashing 5 times over and again ad infinitum??

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It should turn off by itself once the problem is cured. That little light will always flicker randomly though.

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