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paintmishapJanuary 17, 2007

Hey ladies,

I am so happy to find this portion of the gardenweb, I usually post on the home site...anyway I am looking for a pattern and I hope someone out there can help me. For some reason I was looking on ebay and stumbled across all these way cute custom made clothing. Well it's a great place for ideas. Since I can sew and have three girls I thought how great, especially since they are asking almost $200 for clothing. Anyway I am looking for a dress pattern for a 4 yr old. The bodice is criss crossed, and the straps tie around the neck halter style, the bottom of the dress is parallel strips of material. I am sorry if my description is horrible. I have a picture of it but I didn't know if I would step on the ebay sellers toes by posting it? I have searched the internet for days now and I have looked at every pattern book and website I can find without luck. please help.


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Give us the link to the ebay one,and maybe someone can help you.

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If you're uncomfortable posting the ebay auction directly, send it to one of us via email and we'll give you a hand with a pattern.

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Though a little late you might like to know about this place to look for patterns

Here is a link that might be useful: children and teen patterns

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I belong to the hugh ebay custom boutique community.
Most of us all use the same patterns with our own variations.
Is the dress pattern you are looking for the one in this listing?
Ebay 270095840630

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