Are you keeping a secret?

lexi7November 27, 2007

This is a poll to see who will admit to holding back a few secrets. I have a couple that I don't share so I can keep finding the bargain. My DD gave me a hint that she said not to tell or everybody will start doing it and we won't be able to get the good buy anymore. Will you admit to keeping a money saving secret?

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No, I share since most of my friends are like us - working hard to get by these days. Firm believer in what goes around, comes around.

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I share, but only with people I think might be interested. I've run into a lot of people that equate being frugal with being poor. In cases like that, I just let them think I'm poor.

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My only secret is the great tips I get from this forum. The biggest secret is "Spend less than you earn."

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I will share my tips and methods with anyone who is interested. Many are not so I don't bother with them. Hope this isn't taken wrong, but usually when people have a "secret" money saving method, it usually turns out to be bogus, illegal, immoral or fattening.

Very little is new in the world anyway. Some isn't widespread, but seldom is something truly new.

Enjoy your methods folks.

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LOL, the more I think about this, the more I'm reminded of a relative who wants everyones special recipes, but refuses to give out one of her special recipes!

I guess I'm just the type who likes to give back when I receive. Especially this time of year, I enjoy the giving part most.

So in the spirit of the season, here's a little tip. Go out and clean off the terminals on your battery with baking soda and water. Use a terminal cleaner tool if you have it. When finished and reassembled, put some grease, vaseline or the like on the top to keep corrosion off the battery. Gives you full power from your battery and enables your alternator to charge the battery fully too. Nothing worse than getting caught with a dead battery somewhere in the middle of the cold. Been there, done that. Don't wanna do it again.

And a little, OK, VERY little savings tip: Charge your cell phone or other items you can, in your vehicle while you're driving. Over a period of time, it'll save, maybe a few cents, but more importantly, you'll have a fully charged phone if you need it for an emergency.

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Charge your cell phone or other items you can, in your vehicle while you're driving. Over a period of time, it'll save, maybe a few cents, but more importantly, you'll have a fully charged phone if you need it for an emergency.Except a car charger for my phone is about $30. It'd take a LONG time to save $30 on electricity. More likely I'd be forced to get a new phone before payback comes around.

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Obviously we all share money saving hints. I have shared many here, but I have an idea many of you have a few tricks up your sleeve that are not "bogus, illegal, immoral or fattening." Come on admit it. Is there an object that you buy cheap made for one purpose, but you use it for another purpose? How about a strategy to get a good deal on a new purchase? I will just bet those with the secrets are watching with interest, and Cynic is bating me to tell (haha). Who is brave enough to admit to holding out a few trade secrets for yourself?

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Baiting not "bating" sorry - I saw the mistake as soon as I posted, but the forum would not let me repost at that time. I hope you all realize this is supposed to be all in fun.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

lol...Lexi, I was recently 'corrected' (in fun of course) when I said baited breath.

Check out the link below.

I will be waiting with 'bated breath for your reply.

Sue...who is still trying to come up with a little known secret she hasn't shared here or elsewhere

Here is a link that might be useful: World Wide Words-bated breath

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I know of a bunch of food & meat "outlet" stores , that I only share with one friend.

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I can't think of anything of that kind that I won't share here, or with others who may be interested.

But, I think that I may not share them with people that I figure wouldn't be interested ... though I find that there are times when I feel that people that I've started to tell some such idea to are not much interested. Especially some of my ideas about money management.

For example, do you know how you can make 35% or even higher rate of return on your money, guaranteed?

Store-issued "credit" (read "debt") cards charge about 28% interest rate.

Since most of the stuff that many of us buy on such cards is not deductible, we must pay that fee with after-tax money. If you're in 20% tax rate, you pay $1.00 of each $5.00 earned in taxes, leaving $4.00 after-tax money to pay that interest.

So you only have $4.00 residue to buy stuff of the $5.00 earned. Divide the 28% by 4, you get 7, which added to the $28.00 owed on $100. borrowed, makes $35.00, which is the amount of before-tax earnings required to leave $28.00 in pocket to pay off the fee on the credit card loan.

Have a fine weekend, everyone.

ole joyful

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Yes and no.

Yes, if people get the impression I have a personal tailor or know someone who can really really sew, I let them go on thinking that. If they outright tell me they love what I'm wearing, no I might not keep the secret. Depending on my relationship with the person asking, and their views toward being frugal, I might mention they are mostly thrift store buys.

Yes, I keep a secret. Example, when I was visiting a dollar store yesterday and I saw some gloves I really like (yes I was in the dollar store to buy gloves) and there was only one pair left in one colour, and three left in the other, I debated buying them all up quietly. Which I did.

Instead of exclaiming about them to the people around me, none of whom I know. (Which incidentally is what the gentleman next to me who was also looking for gloves did.) And is also what a lot of the women I meet in thrift stores do as they exclaim over / or remark on a potential great buy.

So I am keeping a secret while I was in the store, but at the same time, no I'm not. If anyone were to ask me in the future, I'll have no qualms about directing them to that store, which is not a secret anyway, and tell them to hope those gloves are in stock.

I know the people who will pounce on you in thrift stores to tell you they think you just scored a great buy, and sometimes these people are so enthusiastic, they scare me a little. Makes me feel like I'm keeping a secret by not being as vocal or as willing to have them look over the things I've not even paid for ...

Am I being too competitive a shopper?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Well, I thought and thought and finally came up with a secret I keep, but will do no one here any good.

My lawn mower repair man fixes my mowers and weedeaters, but won't work on them for other folks. He and his dad usually just buy, fix, and then sell things, prefering to not be committed to overbearing folks who need work done now, dropping things off at all hours, not picking things up as agreed to, bad checks, etc. He has been a real life saver this past season. In fact I just dropped off the 'spare' rider yesterday, to get it repaired yet this season, so it will be ready and waiting in the spring if needed. I feel so fortunate to have found him.


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All my secret tips are immoral, illicit, or fattening, so I'll keep them to myself from now on. *w*

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Sounds like you found some baby ruth candy bar coupons.

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While shopping in Lowes this past summer, an employee informed me to never buy anything in Lowes without bargaining for a better price. This really surprised me, as I had never imagined bargaining in Lowes. But she insisted they would generally come off the marked price. So, since that time, I always ask for a better deal when I purchase items at Lowes, and about half the time, I save at least enough to pay my tax but generally even more. Who knew?? :)

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I only keep one secret - and it is a time-saver, not a money saver.

I am always happy to help others save money, especially friends. Because then we can do fun things together with the extra cash!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

The other day I went to pick up my mower from the fella who only repairs them for me, and maybe a few others.
I mentioned my heater fan not working on my truck. He immediately checked the fuse, and when that was ok, be checked for juice to the fan. Turns out the fan was defective, and I ran and got one and he put it on for me right then and there.

When I asked what I owed for the truck repair, his reply was, "Nothing, Merry Christmas."

Am I just lucky or what to have such a pleasant, kind mower repairman?

I only keep one secret - and it is a time-saver, not a money saver.
Now my curiosity is really aroused as to what that time saver is.....hmmmmmm


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It involves Pitt basketball and getting out of Oakland quickly...

If I tell you more.....
I'd have to kill you!

(j/k --- LOL!)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

ok...will be happy to let it go at that. Haven't been to Oakland in over 20 years, and I'm not familiar with Pitt basketball.

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The money secret I do have is that my husband I are in our early 30s and have saved our money. I watch everyone I know go into debt making stupid desicions, I know they wouldn't listen if I tried to tell them anyway.

We just keep mum on the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have saved.

As far as saving the money that is common sense, as far as I am concerned, if some one wants to know that best place to find a deal they can look for it just like I can. If they don't have the desire to do the work I have done to save then I don't go volunteering the info.

It would be a different story if I had a friend and we shared money saving tips in general but I don't so if I were to share it would be a one way street. People sometimes call me cheap becasue we don't rent movies (get them free from the library)and stuff like that. They can think I am cheap. I just think they are stupid for spending needlessly, so I guess it's even.

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I agree with you, Househunting! My DH and I haven't saved a lot of money, though. The secret I keep is how much he makes. He makes more than all our friends, but I really don't see the point in broadcasting that to them. My friends and I hardly ever talk about money.

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