Sewing Machine Christmas

ruthieg__txJanuary 3, 2014

So did anyone get a new sewing machine..........tell us about your sewing gifts.........

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I wasn't given a sewing machine for Christmas but I did treat myself to an oldie but goodie over the holidays. I found a very nice 1926 Singer in the cabinet with all of it's attachments plus a bench seat. I have a weakness for rescuing old machines. I brought it home, cleaned and oiled it and now it sews like a charm. I am loving the nostalgia of it. How do you explain to someone that "No, I don't really NEED it but I WANT it." ??? (This makes 8 machines I have now)

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no new machine. My Singer from the 60's is still working great. Getting ideas for sewing. Grands made potholders for gifts and they love projects to sew. Thinking about making myself skorts. We live in a warm climate and think I would feel more comfortable wearing golf skirt or skort. Trying to figure out if it would be simple to sew a panel in the side seam of my short pattern and tie at the waist.

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I got a new sewing machine for xmas so now I'm learning how to use it. I've made a few things in the past with my mom's old machine but I'm really a novice. I've had fun shopping for the accessories so far. Where is the best place to buy fabric? I had no idea it was so expensive! My first project was a dog crate pad and now I'm almost finished with a book tote, which will be a birthday present for my grandmother.

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corgi, I am sure you will get replies regarding fabric. I live close to a Hancock and buy fabric mainly when they have sales. Bought fabric at Walmart for my last quilt. Enjoy your sewing. My sewing is slowing down a bit, Sewing since the 1940's with the help of an aunt. Think I have decided not to make anymore quilts, but have very small grandchildren and we sew small projects. Want them to love sewing as much as I have during the years. Know your grandmother will love her gift. Liddy, we went to an estate sale while out walking on Sunday and they had a wonderful old Singer machine but it was sold. Not sure what year, but very old and still worked.

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I looked to see where you live corgi and all I got was us corgi so all I can add is where ever you have available including the internet...I have a Wal-mart and a local craft store and a specialty quilt store only here but there is several in San Antonio but I don't get there often enough so I order online or shop when I go to Austin...I like to do the online thing too...I have gotten some real bargains at Wal-mart...lots of people turn their noses up but I certainly don't...I have gotten some real what so you have available in your area for shopping?

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Here in S.Ca. where I live we only have joann's.Our walmarts no longer carry fabric,and havn't for several years now.When they did I bought quite a few nice pieces there,and they washed up well,used them for quilt backings.

I used to work at Beverly crafts and fabrics for 10 years.When I first started working there it was called Golden State fabrics,and was later bought out by Beverlys and they started the craft line as well as fabrics.Now they are all in N.Calif,i think.They had one left in san diego,not sure if that's still there or not.

Now I mostly sew from the stash I have,or go to joann's or order on line.


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So far, I have been buying most of my fabrics at Walmart. We do have a Jo-Ann's here but I don't think I'll shop there much. The wait on getting fabrics cut is usually 20-30 mins. We also have a Hobby Lobby and I've bought a few fabrics from there too. Yesterday while I was out, I saw a couple more places to check out, one called Quilt Sampler and Hancock's.

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Besides the regular fabric stores, sometimes some fun fabric can be found at Goodwill and other thrift stores. I recently found enough fabric to cover 4 dining chairs and rocking chair cushions for $1.99. I also go there for quilting fabric. Many times you just wonder who would have bought that fabric in the first place!!! Once I got a whole bag of hundreds of 5 inch cotton squares someone must have prepared for a quilt - 99cents

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Kathi, where are you in S Ca? We were in CA last Sept. - visited SF, Monterey, Santa Barbara, LA, Catalina and SD. We had a great time!

I didn't get a new machine for Christmas but I bought myself one before Thanksgiving. :) A pre-owned Baby Lock Espire. I love it! My 10 year old Brother sewing/emb machine was starting to show its age. I'm keeping it to embroider with, but the Espire is my new main machine.


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Kathi, the Wal-Mart in Poway (San Diego area) has a small but steadily growing fabric department! We lost the huge department about 8 years ago or so, but the outcry was so great that they put a small department in. As people shopped there and bought fabric, I've noticed that they're improving it greatly.

Joann's has a good presence here, too. I believe they have a store down on Midway in San Diego, a decent one in Poway, one in La Mesa, and one in National City as well as the one up in Escondido. Temecula has a Joann Etc., the only one reasonably close to me (and that's 50 miles).

Beverly Fabrics is still down on Balboa Avenue, but that's the only location left in San Diego. Yardage Town has about 4 locations left in San Diego County -- Clairemont Mesa, Escondido, El Cajon, and their flagship store in National City. We also have a few quilt shops that sell decent quilting fabric, including Rosie's Calico Cupboard and the Quilt in a Day store that borders San Marcos and Carlsbad.

A few hints on shopping at Joann's: 1) Get on their mailing list, as they will send you the sale flyer and there are always 40 and 50% off coupons on them. 2) If you notice a line at the cutting table, take a number when you are about halfway done looking at the fabric. You will probably be done looking when your number comes up. (If your Joann's doesn't have a number system, of course, that won't work. The bonus is, you can always make a new sewing acquaintance by striking up a conversation with someone else in line! I always ask somebody what they're making.)


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Where I live, we have JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics within 35 miles. Most of them charge too much as far as I'm concerned, but then I'm old and remember when prices were super low.

Our WalMarts stopped carrying fabric many years ago, but now they are starting to restock it. If you have a JoAnn Fabric store, make sure you get on the list to get their flyers because they always have 40% off coupons and you can use them for almost anything in their store. One cut of the same fabric, whether one yard or many, counts for the discount. Also, sign up for Hobby Lobby's emails and once a week you'll get a 40% off coupon which can be used on fabric or sewing accessories.

I have a huge stash that contains fabric from when I owned a fabric store back in the early 70s. I have bought fabric off ebay and haven't had any problems with any of it. You might want to watch garage sales, too.

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I received a new machine a couple years ago from my son's family. Love having a newer one but I do still use my older one, too. At Christmas I made each of my sisters-in-laws and nieces an apron. I made 22 of them and only had to buy one small piece of fabric. I am trying to use up what I have. Then I go into Joann's and picked up some more on sale. I love joann fabrics tutti frutti fabric. Loads of coordinating prints. It is kind of like the seersucker from years ago. Wonderful prints for little girls. It washes so nice. They have it on sale a lot. I always check out the red tag clearance section. I found a 6 yard piece for $2.50. With 6 young granddaughters I sew a lot. All six have birthdays in the next couple months.

Speaking of Joann's we have a really large store close by. They used to have 3 cutting areas but went to one. What a nightmare this is. They have the number system. The first time I went in on a big sale day I took a number and there were 35 people ahead of me. People were walking off and just leaving fabric in carts and such. I put my fabric back and left, too. I went back a couple days later and the same lady was working the cutting table. I was telling her I was there on Saturday and what I experienced. She said they were sold and the new people made the changes. She told me they didn't want them to spend anymore then 4 minutes per customer. They didn't want then leaving the cutting table to help with thread, zippers and such. Now, if you are an experienced sewer you don't need the extra help but if not 4 minutes isn't enough time. She was really sad about the whole thing. I wrote the corporate office and they just responded with the same ole standard letter. The lady at the closest store to me told me they didn't want anymore then 2 workers at a time working. If iit isn't a sale it is ok but on a good sale they need 2 cutting fabric. Our Walmart has a very small fabric department and Hobby Lobby fabric tends to be really high priced.

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I wish we had Hobby Lobby to compete a little with Michael's in our area. I always go to HL when I'm in the Midwest visiting my daughter. You're right, the fabric is a little high-priced, but so is Joann's.

Maybe it would be better to write to the manager of your local Joann's complaining about bad service. Cite what you observed -- how many customers walked out, how much fabric they had to put away uncut and unsold, about what the clerk told you of the 4-minute "rule". Give some personal experience from help you've gotten previously from Joann's, or observed others getting, and how it helped you stay a customer. Make sure to send a CC of the letter to Corporate Joann's. It sounds like the new people don't have a clue about sewing and crafting, or no heads for good business practices. Ours went through a couple of sales with only one on the cutting table, and I guess they heard about it from customers because at the next sale there were 3 or 4 at the table.

But I still get my number when I start shopping, or halfway through, if the line appears to be long. (I go by, look at what number they're helping, look to see what the next available number is, and then decide if I want to pull the number then and there or just wait.)


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