foundation cracks

lucky1_gardenerJuly 2, 2010

Hi, wondering if anyone here can give some advice to us.

We have a 40 year old home on a raised concrete foundation with a crawlspace below. While out doing some cleanup I noticed 2 different cracks in the foundation about 8 feet apart. For all I know they've been there for many years, but never noticed. I found our 11 year old home inspection report which stated foundation cracks were visible, less that 1/4 inch wide and probably due to shrinkage and curing.

Do we epoxy, patch? The crawlspace in this area is just too low to get to from the inside.

I'm not sure how to add images.

One crack is about 1/32nd wide. The other has one crack coming down from the siding above about 1/16th wide with another crack coming up from underground curving towards it about 1/32nd wide. They don't quite meet, maybe a couple inches apart from each other, but look as if they will either connect or they will connect around the space between them.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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They're small cracks and it sounds like they've been there for years without growing. Personally, I wouldn't worry about them, just check on them every year or so to see if they change and to keep weeds from getting a foothold in them.
Cosmetically, you could force some concrete colored caulk into them.

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Now you know about them, where they are.

If your home, otherwise, is performing satisfactorily, just leave them be.

But keep an eye on them, give them the old once over each spring, say. If they start to move or open up...well there are lots of things to explore at that point. Doesn't sound like you are at that point at all.

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If you are in an area that has freezing weather and snow you should at least close them to limit water entry.

The water itself is unlikely to do anything, but if it enters and then freezes (or snow blows in and than thaws and re-freezes) it can start to enlarge the cracks.

If you are in a warm area it is another path for insects to gain entry (including termites).

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