Down alternative?

joyce_6333July 21, 2014

Anyone here use a down alternative comforter? I've always had down, at least the last 30 yrs or so, and love them, but wondering about the alternative fills to make washing easier. Some of the new fills seem really nice. Would appreciate your opinions as compared to down. Thanks.

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We switched to alternative down when I discovered DH had allergies. Honestly I don't see a difference. We've always purchased them from The Company Store because they offer larger sizes then standard and I want my comforter to cover my pillows and the side of the bed.

My super size king is 110 x 98 and they also have a big selection of covers.

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Yes, I also switched to Down Alternative, but avoid the lower priced down alternative.

I like Cuddledown, The Company Store, and the more expensive ones from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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I am in AZ - home of the dry heat. Keep the bedroom at 69 during the summer and we love to hunker down under a comforter but don't like the weight of anything too heavy.

After buying and discarding countless down comforters, we purchased a silk filled one at Costco. It was one of those traveling show things. We paid $270 plus tax but that was 2 years ago. King 106 x 96. Washes easily, doesn't bunch up like so many of them do.

Website is and it looks like Amazon may carry them. Amazon typically has a generous return policy too. I personally could not buy a comforter sight unseen unless I knew I could easily return it.

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The few I've experienced were uncomfortably heavy, so I assumed they're all that way. I adore my floaty-light California weight comforter. The silk filled sounds nice. Is it, or others as light as down?

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I switched to silk, but you can't put it in the washer. Your duvet cover should keep it clean. Silk comforters have a wonderful way of draping exactly to your body so keep you cuddly warm in the winter.

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Out SmartSilk comforter has a Cotton outer shell. Machine wash and dry. I can't imagine it's any where as luxurious as a 100% silk product, but we've found it to be a better fit for us than any of the previous down comforters we've discarded because they felt too heavy on us all night.

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Thanks for your responses. Definitely going to try one of these comforters.

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