Jeans hem flips up and how to distress?

kelbelle9828January 24, 2006

Jeans hem flips up and how can I "distress" hem area? IÂd love to find out how to hem jeans so that they donÂt flip up and would like any tips on distressing them (stonewashing, etc) to make them look like the original hem? Thanks.

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Please explain flips up. Denim is going to do what ever it wants. To distress I've used a dremel tool with the sandpaper attachment. When I hem jeans I use a hammer to beat the seams. They go under the pressure foot alot easier and I use a "Jean a ma jig" or a hump jumper.

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Im not quite sure what you mean by flip up, your talking about the hem themselves how they fold up while wearing them? If so, I DESPISE THAT TOO! I havent found a way to sew them so they dont do that but I make sure when I put my jeans in the dryer the hem is not already rolled up because the dryer sets it like that, you could always iorn if its persistant, otherwise I wash my jeans inside out regaurdless to prevent it fading the wash & whiskering.
As far as distressing them, go to your kitchen & grab the box grater, or a handheld one works too & just rub the denim along that, you can make little rips, big worn in areas, & even those big rips they seem to be selling jeans with them on the thighs & over pockets.

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I've found that turning the jeans inside-out before putting them in the dryer helps keep the hems from turning up.

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When I hem jeans, I trim away the seam edges that need to be turned under--always keeps them flat for me.

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