cost to run a power feed underground

nealwinJuly 16, 2007

I just fell off my chair when I received a quote from electrician for $1800 to run a new power feed to my septic tank. The run is 100' or so, 18" deep, about 6' would need to be dug by hand. 12/2 cable used. Connection to power panel in house.

I will get more quotes, but is there a rule of thumb for this? The cable machine will do most of the work for this job and I thought price would reflect that.

Am I out of touch?

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Call a few more guys. This might be the going price. The cable machine might be doing most of the work but part of the cost is the overhead to buy and maintain that machine. Customers pay for that.

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I just paid $1K to have power and water run to my shed, across 100 ft of yard. This included a fuse panel in the shed, external and internal lighting in the shed, with separate switches for the two, and two-plug electric outlets in two places inside the shed and on two external walls. The water work included a no-freeze farm-style spigot. The conduit and piping were buried below frost depth on a bed of a foot of gravel, and topsoil/sod were replaced in the ditched areas. This is in the Washington DC suburbs.


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