Shed Anchoring

berkshire80July 22, 2013


I am hoping that you guys can help me out here. I had an Amish family build a very nice 8x10 shed for me. The shed was installed on a slope and he used solid concrete blocks set on the ground to level the shed. My town requires that the shed be anchored down, and they suggested using 48" earth anchors (single auger tip) with wire around the 4x4 runners to secure the shed.

The problem is that the soil is the most dense, hard packed clay I have ever come across. I have fought for hours and only managed to mangle/break 4 of these earth anchors already. I have tried soaking the ground to no avail as well.

I was hoping you guys might have some suggestions for me. I've considered buying an anchor by the name of "duckbill anchors" but they are somewhat expensive and I'm not sure if they would be as secure.

I'm starting to wish I just poured a cement pad for the shed. But the shed is extremely heavy (put in place with a tractor), and I'm not sure how I would move it now that it's already set in place.


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Use same anchors as mobile homes in your town.

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It might help to use a post-hole digger to go down a foot or so before starting to twist in the auger. Failing that, I'd go down another foot and pour concrete with a protruding eyebolt, (galvanized, long shank with a stopper on the end), for tie-down points.

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