Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do

amateurplumberJuly 25, 2014

Hey all...I am remodeling my shower and have run into a problem. The subfloor was rotted so I removed it and am adding a new subfloor. I bought the plywood, and planned to put a nailing edge on the left and right sides where the old plywood sticks out slightly to put the new plywood on.

HOWEVER, I am worried about the left and right walls. Since I've cut the plywood, I am worried that they dont have enough support. Underneath them is just an empty space; the joists to the left and right side of the left and right walls, respectively, are a few inches away. How can I support the walls better? Here is an image of what I'm talking about (I know the idiots cut the joist to fit the drain; I plan on sistering it): https://i.imgur.com/yXxcZZf.jpg

Thanks SO much!

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How far away from the respective edges of the plywood are the next floor joist?

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Here's what I'd do.

Cut a couple strips of 3/4" plywood, say four inches wide and not quite as long as the shower sides.

Using clamps, glue, and corrosion resistant deck screws, fasten the strips to the underside of the edges of the plywood subfloor, where you cut it. This creates a "lip" on either side.

Cut the new piece of subfloor plywood to fit and drop it in. Fasten it to the new plywood lip on either side with glue or construction adhesive and more screws, and of course screw it securely to the floor joists.

Frankly I don't think the support of the walls is compromised enough to be an issue, if at all, but the above steps will enable the load to be distributed much as it was before you cut out the rotted portion. I doubt they're load bearing walls.

Good luck.

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That has actually been recommended to me before and is what I think i will do. Thanks for the advice! Except I think I might actually glue and screw it to the base of the wall frame instead if I can.

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