Chrome Faucets in kitchen?

jaynes123_gwJuly 29, 2014

Is chrome considered equal simply different than SS for kitchen faucets or is SS in any way considered better, preferable, more classic, etc?

Our kitchen wont have metal - integrated appliances of white cabinets, white main sink, black prep sink.

Our granite will be polished, not honed, absolute black if that makes any difference chrome vs SS faucet.

Ive read more than once of SS being classic / desirable for appliances, but when they arent SS wondering if SS is considered a better choice over chrome for faucets in kitchens

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Chrome is the more enduring choice for finishes. It replaced polished nickel in the early 20th c. and was the standard until other finishes started to show up at the end of the 20th century.

But, if you are doing all black and white you may want to consider a black or white faucet. They are available.

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Chrome, and it always looks clean when it is cleaned and it is easy to clean, why car manufacturers have used it since the beginning.

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I also think chrome is the most enduring finish for faucets.

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Holly- Kay

I agree that chrome is a classic and prefer it over stainless.

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the home we are moving to has a chrome faucet although the range and dishwasher are SS and it looks fine...

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So chrome and SS are equally classic in a high end, upscale kitchen design?

So glad I posted! I wrongly inferred the desirability of SS for appliances to mean SS as a finish to be overall more highly regarded than chrome

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I LOVE the look of dark faucets with white sinks! I think with so much black and white chrome can look out of place.

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