New step flashing....sloppy job?

EricamdJuly 30, 2013

Just had new chimney flashing installed along with a new roof. From looking around at flashing jobs online and on houses in the neighborhood mine doesn't seem that great in comparison. Sort of looks like crap to me.

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If it is visiable from the ground,I would agree it might look unconventional but probily keeps the water out. It looks like lead which is very durable and easy to work around later if need be. The only thing that bothers me is wherther it was tuck pointed into the brick with morter or if that is caulk looking shiny.

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Thanks for your reply.

Turns out it's some type of clear sealant. That's the part I really don't like.

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I assume that's 2 pictures. Anyways, it does look like lead flashing, which is a good thing. Lead will not look like other metal flashing with crisp lines, which is bent with a brake.

What I see or don't see, is in the top picture, apron flashing. There is the counter flashing turning the corner, but missing the apron flashing. If you got a better front picture of the chimney, it would be helpful.

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Hi Roof35,

Not sure if this is a great shot or is the front.
You can't tell from the shot, but there is a piece that lays flat on top of the shingles in front of the chimney. And it seems to have lead clips on it or something that are bent up.


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Ericamd: As long as there is apron flashing (I can't tell), which runs on top of the shingles, you should be ok. I note the apron & counter does not run past the rake shingles. Everyone does things different, but I always liked to run apron & counter flashing about an inch past the material to assure ample coverage.

I would also seal the edge of the counter flashing, to make sure no wind driven elements would get in. Although it looks like it may have been sealed. Can't really tell unless actually inspected the flashing.

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Looking at this further, I see they didn't run the first piece of step flashing as a _kicker_. Forgive me for not noticing it right off the bat.

The first piece of step flashing is used as a _kicker_, to kick the water away from the chimney as seen along the gutter edge. It keeps the water from running down the chimney, and directs it towards the gutter.

On the other chimney, where we talked about the apron flashing on the front. The kicker step flashing is placed on top of the apron flashing a couple inches, and kicks the water past the apron.

Dunno if I explained that very well!

Anyways, that's how it's supposed to be done.

This picture is a little extreme for over top of the apron. But for the chimney near gutter line, it's pretty much what is done. Tin snips are a must to fabricate a nice looking kicker.

Now will see if I can insert a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kicker flashing

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