I'm soooo hooked!

mcpegNovember 26, 2007

I'm so hooked on simple cleaners now.

Good bye Comet, hello baking soda - think it took me less than a minute to get the soap scum off my bathtub - unlike the 'bad for your lungs fumes' brands

I've been switching my cleaners over to:

vinegar spray bottles - 1/4 vinegar and water - wipe and go

borax powder - laundry booster, disinfectant for floors and more (read box label) - again - no odour (I add a little sunlight dishsoap for lemony smell)

Not to mention how much cheaper baking soda is.

What have you switched over to?

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I haven't completely switched but for the big jobs I always stock up on cheap baking soda and clean away. Isn't it amazing how many cleaners are out there in nice expensive packages when a little elbow grease and b. soda will do the job? Budster

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When I clean my refrigerator, I make a paste of baking soda and water and use that to scrub the walls. Gets off the gook and deodorizes. I am so hooked!

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I also throw about a half cup of baking soda in the bottom of my dishwasher. I also fill the detergent dispenser with Cascade. This helps get my dishes clean and keeps the dishwasher from smelling bad!

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Dora Vann Snider

Was at Sam's Club in Amarillo today and bought a 12 lb bag of Baking Soda for $5.42. Thought that sounded like a good deal. On the big sack it shows all the things you can do with it. Baking, cleaning, laundry and pools were mentioned on the front. They have a website at www.armhammer.com to visit.

Back of bag it says to add 1 cup with liquid laundry soap to get your laundry 25% cleaner.

Cleans sinks, counter, tubs, showers, toilets, tile and more.

Will safely scrub away soils and grease without scratching.

One half of the back has directions on how to put it into your swimming pools.

Now if I just had a gigantic jug of vinegar I would be in business for the winter!!!!
Dora Lou

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My dentist recomended mixing baking soda,peroxide and a little salt in a bowl, dip a wet toothbrush in and use to brush your teeth. The peroxide foams a lot,you can mix it with water and use as mouthwash. Be careful with the salt, too much and you'll injure your gums!

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We don't live near a town so we have been using peroxide, salt, baking soda, and vinegar for years. We have been Green before it was a goodthing. We just bought a Toyota Prius that gets 49 hi-way miles and over 50+ in town. They are as big as the sm SUV's. I realize with a lot of kids this car wouldn't work but for us it is very handy.
When I see the young kids buying all the cleaning stuff, I am temped to go up and tell them to put it back and save all that money and live a healthier life. I just figure they must have more money than we do or they would have figured this out too.

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The only glass cleaner I will use is vinegar and water. I had always heard it cleaned glass better than anything, so I put it to the test this past summer when I went on a window cleaning binge. I have never had windows or mirrors sparkle so much.

I also sometimes use it to mop my floor, it gets it squeaky clean. The only problem I have is that my house smells like vinegar afterward. Two huge jugs of it at Costco is less than $4, and lasts the whole year, you can't beat that kind of deal!

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Dora Vann Snider

Wish I lived close to a Costco! Would stock up on vinegar. I mop my kitchen and utility room with vinegar and water. Also use it to clean windows.

Saturday did laundry. Put 3/4 cup baking soda, my detergent, and about 1 cup vinegar in the washer on full load. No softener. Usually put the softener in as we have a static cling problem in our dry part of the country. The laundry came out so soft and looked like I had used the softener. It smelled great. Was so pleased. Wish I had known about this combo years ago. So glad I found that great big bag of baking soda.

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70% Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with equal amounts of water in a spray bottle is another very good glass cleaner. Alcohol is a topical antiseptic and sanitizer. No vinegar smell. This is what our eye Dr uses to clean glasses. I keep a sm bottle in the pickup and car as well.

I have a problem though .... I can't stop using Pledge. I love it on wood. I have tried other stuff but to me they leave the wood dull looking. What do all you use?

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Be careful with the Isopropyl Alcohol. It can damage certain plastics. I ruined a phone and also a toilet seat with it.

It is great for cleaning and shining porcelain bath fixtures.

Vinigar and baking soda is great for cleaning coffee pots. Cleans the residue and gets rid of rancid coffee odor.

mcped, please be careful with the borax you use. Borax is very TOXIC - Not safe to use around infants and can be toxic to adults. It's most common use is that of an incecticide.

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I have to disagree with the Borax being very toxic. You are right though in using it at high doses as a weed killer and insecticide. For laundry it has been used since before WW11 as a water softener. I use 1/4c with each large top load washer. With the new washers, you only need 1/3c soda or borax, 1/3c white vinegar with 1oz liquid detergent. I think most people think using more is better but if you have extra dirty laundry you can usually just fill the washer and then let it soak for an hr or so.

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When i lived in an apartment, there was a problem with roaches in the building. The tenants used borax to kill them. Sprinkle a trail around all floors. If it kills bugs, it must be poisonous. I do not use borax in my home, but I do use vinegar and baking soda. Pour some baking soda, then some vinegar down your kitchen drain. It gets rid of food-matter clogs, but not hair clogs.

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are you sure it wasn't boric acid they used for the roaches? I've seen that used for roaches, but never borax. I know they are both derived from borate, but I think perhaps the borax may be after the "bad" stuff is taken out.
In theory, rather like Wheat being processed all the way down to the not really good for you, but cheap to make white flour.

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