Skipping the holidays/ Holiday tips?

kathy_November 16, 2004

We are trying this year! Not skipping the holiday per se but the gift exchanging part of it. Hubby's brothers and we are going out for a late lunch since it is an 1 1/2 hour drive to meet in the middle. Buying for the 2 littlest kids age 5 and 18 months but no adults. My family are not exchanging gifts (we are all adults) but will get together for a meal and Christmas Bingo (everybody brings dollar type prizes). Hubby and I will exchange but we will get one big present and a few small ones. Anybody else try this and did it work? It will be nice not to go out with the crowds this year. I am already enjoying the peace of not being rushed to find presents. What holiday tips do you have? Jump in here - this forum is a little slow lately......

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We did a modified version of this last year and it was great. No one went broke, nobody spent all their time shopping/buying/wrapping, and we still had a good time. We were able to gather at one of our homes, so a "pot-luck" (meal categories were assigned) Christmas brunch (kind of a tradition for us) was in order and we did splurge a little on the food.

I find running around, being anxious about finding the "perfect" gift without spending way more than I intended, not very relaxing. That holiday was so successful that we plan to do something similar this year.

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Do one volunteer session either before or on Xmas day and you will FEEL 10 feet tall about yourself and others.

I ring the bell for a coupla hours at Salvation Army set ups BEFORE Christmas. Yea, the bell is a pain,'s only for an hour or so. It's amazing to see WHO gives and WHO doesn't....who won't even look at you and other's that say hello! Since I have volunteered, I ALWAYS SAY hello when I'm NOT ringing and some banter (Are ya cold?) to the bell ringer even if I don't donate at that time. They just appreciate being acknowledged.

There's also a Christmas dinner for the indigent in town somewhere...some restuarants do it, others have a organization and need a driver for an hour on Xmas day (volunteers) or volunteers to work in a kitchen or set up or cut pies...days before there's a lot of preparation, etc.

A friend of mine...her whole family now volunteers on Xmas Day.

Take the fire dept. a cake on Xmas Eve (my aunt always did that) or take cookies to the police department.....

Those are very worthwhile endeavors. I work 2 jobs, but I still find time to contribute. It sure makes me fell awfully good and it makes Christmas a lot more meaningful.

Just some ideas....

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You will find that you'll have a great set of holidays. Instead of spending your time shopping and wrapping, you'll have lots of time to enjoy your special people. I like to call one or two people and invite them for a homemade soup lunch. It's inexpensive, good for their health and I love to make soup. I get to really visit with them for an hour or so. With our hectic lifestyles it is difficult to spend an hour with people we enjoy.

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Make a donation to a worthy cause. I really like Heifer International and plan on making my Christmas shopping budget to them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heifer International

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That is what I did, in lieu of a gift for people that already have too much, I made a donation in their name with Heifer International, a worthy cause.


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We stopped exchanging gifts years ago, the families are to big. We do buy for grand/greatgrands under 18 years of age.

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Celebration of Christmas with daughter was on Tuesday, Dec. 27.

She called just prior to that to suggest that, if I hadn't gotten her a present previously, that we consider making a gift to charity instead, as there are many needy in the world.

We're doing that - some to the Tsunami Disaster and some to other charitable situations.

There has been a major outpouring of support for it from individuals and families, also from corporations, in Canada. The government made an initial gift, then upgraded and now has agreed to match gifts from individuals.

There are a number of other situations where there is great need, as well.

Daughter got a modest gift, and we're to go shopping one of these days for something additional.

Her mother, who as head dietitian of a major hospital for twenty years had fed millions of people, then, ironically, died of colon cancer last summer. Son and daughter asked for memorial contributions to Cancer research and social programs of her church.

Have a great and memorable New Year, all.

joyful guy

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