How much fabric for a window seat cushion?

kaedeeJanuary 2, 2006

Could someone help me figure out how much fabric it will take to cover a 64 long, 25 width and 2inch thick cushion for a window seat? I found a local sale and want to buy the fabric now and the guy doing the upholstery is out of town this week. Thanks for any help!

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There are alot of variables besides just the measurements. We need to know more about the fabric. How wide is it? Does it have a pattern that repeats, if so how often does it repeat? The person working at the fabric store might be able to help you more because she's there with the fabric and will be able to show you the things I'm talking about. My guess is 5-6 yds with out any very strong pattern. I.E. roses or a farm scene that needs to be kept centered. Also depending on the way the scene on the fabric runs you may not be able to accomplish the 64" width without a seam in the middle.
Good Luck,

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your length is 64 x 2 = 128 plus 2 2" on the thickness, or 132 inches - divide that by 12" and you get 11 feet so it will take a minimum of 3 2/3 yds just to 'wrap' the material around the cushion (of course if you have a prominent pattern ths above might not work).

Then you have to consider the design or pattern (if there is one), plus some more material for seam allowances. Are you going to have covered cording at the seam? will it be covered by the seat fabric or some other material?

I suspect your material will be plenty wide fact if it is 54" material you could possibly only need 2+ yards if there is not a 'design'.

Check with the person at the fabric store. Carolyn

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I'm figuring 3 1/2 yds and that's assuming no repeats and no cording. An upholsterer will not wrap the fabric around but will make boxing strips with a zipper. If there's a repeat, you'll need more and we need to know the repeat size to refigure (for matching patterns). If you want cording add another 1 1/2 yds. Then it's always a good idea to get a little extra, so another 1/2 yard if no repeat.

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The fabric is chenille and it is a solid. The width is 54 and there will be cording. The lady at the store told me to ask the upholsterer(sp). So everyones measurements are alittle different. My MIL told me to buy 6 yards to be safe, is that a good idea? Thanks again, kaedee

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I still think 6 yds is too much....I realize the upholsterer won't 'wrap' the fabric, but by measuring that way you get a good idea of the MINIMUM amount of fabric you will need.

At 54" width you could cut that in half (27") and have enough to do the top and for 60" (plus a bit for seam allowance so let's make it easy and say 72" or 2 yards), you would need not quite 2 yards......then to do all four of the 'edges', which are only 2" thick plus seam allowance, at the most you would need another 60" (plus seam allowance, which will bring you to about 4 yards at the most. Keep in mind that the 60" length is the one piece that you won't want to have a seam in.....I still think between 4 & 5 yards is plenty.


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With throw pillows I make the cover a bit too small so the form fills it completely. I don't like wrinkled covers. You may want to do the same with your cushion. If you put a long upholstery zipper on the long side it won't be as much of a wrestling match.

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I agree, 4 yards is plenty. You need 2 widths of fabric for the top and bottom pieces, but they're only 25" deep (X 2=50") so 1 1/2 yards is plenty. Plus another 1 1/2 for the welting. Your boxing strips will only be cut 3" wide. The perimeter of the cushion is 178", so you need a total of 4 widths (178 divided by 54 is more than 3). The 4 widths x 3" is only 12". So that gives you 1 1/2 yds. + 1 1/2 yds. + 1/3 yd. 4 yards is definitely enough for a solid color.

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