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patricia_lynnNovember 25, 2006

I programmed 1-800Free411 into my cell phone and as a result will no longer have to pay for 411 calls. It's funny but I don't think I've ever used 411 more often. It's a great service. Even greater now that it's free.

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This had been posted on another thread and I, too, programmed it into my cell phone and my home phone. I must admit, though, that those ads (which do make the service free) drive me nuts.

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Well, so long as it's someone else footing the bill and not me I can deal with an advert or two.

I went around telling my son and his friends about it and just got the "well duh" eye rolls. Apparently this has been around longer than I realized. I only just discovered it. Wish I'd known about it sooner.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I was the one who had posted it a while back, but had forgotten it since then. Because you brought it up again, I passed the 'good' word on the 2 friends recently. They were adults, and did not roll their eyes, but were thankful to learn of the free directory assistance.

Regular directory assistance (1+area code+555-1212) used to be $1.75 per call, if you got your number or not. I wonder with a prepaid cell phone (like I have), how one is charged, or if there are just a lot of minutes ($1.75 worth), deducted.

Hmmm, will have to check that out sometime. With my page plus, I have to buy $10 worth of minutes every 4 months, to keep the phone account active. Since it is just used for calling out convenience occasionally, I always have minutes stockpiled.


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I'd suppose you'd just pay for the airtime like you would any other call. $10 for 4 months is dirt cheap. If you're getting by on that you're doing pretty good.

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