Adding depth to rafters

BibimusJuly 7, 2013

I have an old garage that is being converted into living space. The second floor has 2X6 rafters 24" on center 16 ' long with a 10 12 pitch. The building inspector stated I have to build them out because of insulation requirements. I thought about butting up to the 2X6's a 2x12 or using Sampson strongtie RC1.56 Ripper Clip or using plywood gussets and adding a 2X10 on top of the 2x6. By adding on top the depth would be greater then the 2x12 but much more work. Any opinions or has anyone done something different?


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Were it I, I would add as little weight as possible by suspending a 2x2 or 2x4 from 3 cleats made of plywood over the length of the rafter.

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What R-value does the relevant code require? This information would determine how much depth (if any) you'd need to add to the rafters using the highest R value insulation - probably closed cell foam - you can find.

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