Victoria Albert Faucet Defective

KiraDesignJuly 3, 2014

I purchased a Victoria and Albert Tub and Faucet. Prior to installation, I noticed a dent on the Faucet. The dent is smooth isn't sharp. Does this look like a manufacture defect or shipping mishandle?

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If you installed it with that there, I don't think you'll have any luck with the company on a resolution. there is no way of knowing if it happened before or after the installation.

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You said that the damage was there prior to installation.
I don't know why you would continue with install.
Anyway......The manufacture contracts with the shipper.
Thus making the manufacture responsible for production and damage in transit.
The key here is weather or not they will say that your contractor damaged it with install.(thus your retribution would be with the installer)
Cost of damaged items are built into the price we pay everyday.

Have you even contacted the shipper ?
Do they have a policy on damaged items ?

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Thanks for the response,

I didn't do any install when I found out but the retailer suggested I proceed and a replacement part will be replaced; but of course that never happened.

I tried to contact Victoria and Albert directly but there was no response from them at all. You would expect better customer service for a premium product.

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I don't expect better customer service from anyone anymore, premium or otherwise. Customer service is dead. It's all about profit now, every Q#%#%ing dime.

Keep pushing. The retailer's advice was terrible. Never ever proceed with an install or cashing a check or anything if there is a problem or possibility of one. "Proceeding" is deemed proof of satisfaction. Call the retailer again and tell them to either replace the part pronto or you'll make very clear at review sites what your experience was with them.

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I should of gone with Kohler or Moen. I get better service from them. At least people their replies to their email and pickup their phone and returns calls.

The dent is smooth and not sharp. To me it looks like a manufacture defect.

If it was a shipper mistake, the dent should be sharp; it's like a when a rim hits a curb, the cut is sharp. But this one is smooth.

What do you think?

And thanks for your opinion.

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I'm not understanding why the need to know weather it be manufacture or shipper at fault ?
Who has your money in their hands ?
There's a "chain of custody" of sorts.
(In my previous post I was not aware that there was a retailer involved.)
Your problem is with the retailer.
The retailer will have the problem with the manufacture.
Depending on if it was shipped direct from manufacture or the retailer, that person will deal with the shipping co.

Think of it as buying a new has a dent..
Do you go to the Ford Dearborn, MI or the Ford dealership where you purchased ?

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Hi Forboystoo,

I understand what you mean. But the retailer claim they "inspected" the box and there wasn't any sign of damage (which I think it's BS, who would inspect a card box), and from the picture, the manufacture claim it's not a defect. Therefore, it must be me (the customer) that damaged it.

The retailer tried to sort it out for me (already took 3 months to do so) and the out come was buying a new one with a 25% discount!

I tried to contact Victoria and Albert, but there's not response from them. Tried email and left a message. No response.

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I thought you reported the damage to the retailer and they were the ones who instructed you to install.

I'm lost here because you said that the manufacture claimed it's not a defect . Who's this Victoria and Albert that's not responding ?
Whatever the story may be your problem is with the retailer.
Good-luck to you !

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Basically here's the story:

1. Got the Faucet and noticed the dent.
2. Contacted the retailer, they suggested to proceed with install and replace the part later.
3. Retailer contacted Victoria and Albert.
4. Victoria and Albert told the retailer it's not their fault based on the exact same picture above.
5. I am stuck here with this shxxty product.
6. I tried to contact Victoria and Albert directly but no response.

Very poor service from both retailer and V&A.

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I've had similar experiences, Kira. AS I said above, nowadays, business is done such that, once they have your money, unless you have legal recourse, they laugh you off, don't respond, are even often rude.

The advice to install it was terrible. Based on that alone, in my opinion, the retailer is responsible because when you go ahead and install it, you've basically stated by doing so that you're happy with it.

Honestly, I think you have no recourse here. You're dealing with a retailer who is likely less than honest or a manufacturer who is, or an honest oversight on their partâ¦but the bottom line is, neither wants to take responsibility. And in fairness to them, for all they know, it really WAS damaged after you installed it! Each party has to take the word of another, and no one is doing so, and the fact is, no one knows when or how it was damaged.

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How much did you pay for it? At this point I would purchase a new one, inspect it before signing for the shipment and say it was a lesson learned.

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Did you pay with a credit card? If you did, contact the card company and explain that you are in a dispute with the retailer and the situation. You may be able to get recourse through the credit card company.

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Thanks all for the recommendation.

One of their reps got back to me and will follow-up with the situation.

Let's see how this will go.

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