are your sheets coming off?

wjswecampbellOctober 21, 2006


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I bought a set of four elastic clips for my bed for 99cents. We have a 99 cent store in my town. It's great fun just to wander around. I agree sheets pulling off your bed are a major irritation. My husband loves the 99 cent store. Whenever I buy anything, he asks "Did you check the 99 cent store first?" He even bought a combination padlock for his health club locker there. Whooda thunkit?

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An alternative is to cut the centre, somewhat rotted, part from an old sheet and sew the reasonably sturdy 1/4 or so on the side to the edge/top/bottom of current sheets so that they tuck wa-a-a-y-y under the mattress.

If you dry your sheets on a clothesline, though, you may need one of those clips that hang over the line to hold the upper and lower line close together, so that they don't drag on the ground.


A bit of sewing thread, and a small amount of time.

(Sewing machine - if you don't have one).

Sewing such a piece to the end of a short blanket may not look too elegant ... but it tends to curb its frustrating tendency to wander, as well.

Actually, one can make useful pillow slips out of those edges of old sheets, as well.

Hope you're having a fruitful fall.

ole joyful

P.S. Received an old sewing machine as legacy from my ex-'s house, something over a year ago, and tried to get it operational, the other day.

When sewing the arm of a shirt back to the back, zig-zag is O.K - but not so hot when trying to let out the seat seam of a pair of pants that used to fit well - but seem to have shrunk, with retirement and a somewhat sedentary lifestyle.

With neighbour's help, along with a screwdriver and some oil, got the thing to leave the territory of childhood where the one in charge can talk, but the subject is inclined to listen on occasions when it suits him/her.

o j

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wjswecampbell, thanks for the idea. Just to tip you off on a point of Internet etiquette, it is considered rude to type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It's hard to read and upper-case usually is used to indicate strong emphasis. It's considered the equivalent of "yelling", which I'm guessing you didn't mean to do.

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Steve_o, thanks and no I didn't mean to yell. I was just in a hurry to type. I won't type in all capitals anymore.
My internet etiquette needs a little more improvement I suppose.

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It may not have been so in this case, but please bear in mind that some people are visually challenged and can see caps better.Rude??? How often does it happen that it even needs brought to attention??? Whats RUDE is to even mention it!!! What a petty thing to chastise someone for!!!!!

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Caps have never personally bothered me, but MANY people are very put off by them and won't respond or often have very rude comments to make about them.

I really don't think steve was rude it letting the poster know this. If you've seen comments on other posts about all caps, I think you may realize that he was really only trying to help.

My sheets seem to fit well, so I guess I'm not really in need of anything to help but I'll keep in mind in case I ever run into the problem. Thanks.

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I'm on another board somewhere, where some of the members *need* all caps to see.

What is best to do is to put (ALL CAPS) in your title so that people know you are not shouting and that *you need the replies* to be put in all caps so that they can be read due to a vision problem.

Note: When using all caps it is best to double space to make it easier to read.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Well, I for one don't have much of a problem with sheets coming off. When buying new ones I made sure to check the depth of them as my new matress is a whopping 13 1/2 inches tall (think). I then donated my still good but used sheets to the Community Thrift Store. If I can't use something, I try to find it a good home.

I have had and tried the Dollar Store garters, and did not find they stayed hooked very well.

I'm curious as to what the things from BBand B are like...maybe that rubberly like non slip amterial that is handy for so many things.


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The problem for me is that the newer sheets all brag about what deep pockets they have, and our bed is the old thinner type mattress. So our sheets are loose after just one night's sleeping. Haven't slept on a nice tight sheet in so long. Someday...

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Socks 12345,


Sewing machine.

If you don't have one, if you'd followed the advice offered in my Christmas gift for the past several years around here, you could go to your list of friends and search for "sewing machine" ...

... though I doubt that you'd have listed a number of the major possessions of your friends (including "sewing machines" - so there's a good possibility that your search might have turned up - nothing.

If you'd made a list that included their email addresses, though - nothing to stop you sending out a message asking whether you could borrow one for a short while.

Just thought I'd offer that suggestion, for what it's worth.

ole joyful

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I always buy those sheet garters for an addition to wedding shower gifts, especially lingerie parties. Ladies have fallen over laughing about the newlyweds sheets needing help to stay on...A good laugh is worth $0.99!

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Greetings cenanoca9,

I've said for several years, and to a number of people that I've met, that we hear a lot of people complaining about the stress that people are under.

That it seems to me that one of the best stress-relievers around is a bit of humour, here and there (that isn't aimed at someone).

That when everyone in an office is especially busy, more or less run off of their feet, when someone makes some humourous remark, everyone laughs a little - and the stress is lovered (Sorry, that was supposed to be "lowered" - just what kind of mischief are my fingers up to today, anyway? Or is it my brain, do you think?). Also, the blood pressure goes down a bit.

Trouble is ...

... since it can't be bottled and sold, no one seems much interested.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

ole joyful

P.S. If you can become known as a person who develops and distibutes such humour - people will love you.

Not only that - I'll bet that you'll live longer.

Cause you can't think up and pass around humour like that without being rather jolly and optimistic, yourself - and such peole live longer.

(Or - does it just seem longer?)

o j

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Hi Socks12345...I find I have the same problem. Our old sheets for our old (thin) mattress do just fine, but I bought new sheets for the guest room and I am tucking, tucking, tucking all that excess fabric under the mattress. I think I'll probably replace our mattress soon, and so have to buy all new sheets, but the guest room has a mattress that's been barely used, and so I guess I'm stuck with the problem. I hate sewing on the sewing machine, so I'll probably not alter the sheets.

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I have also recently discovered the 'Sheet Snugglers' (see link). I bought them from BB&B for $4.99 per box (4 corners in each box). I have used straps, clips, etc in the past and these definitely work the best and are the easiest to use. I actually bought two boxes and put one set under my mattress cover and the other set on top of the mattress cover but under my fitted sheet. (I hate it when the mattress pad/cover wrinkles up under the sheet.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed Bath and Beyond, Sheet Snugglers

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I've had the blue things for years! To lazy to sew lol Don't need the blue things no more bought new sheets with deeper pockets when old sheets wore out.

About the all caps thing I've been to a few websites and chats where you was fussed at for not using caps cause there was ppl there who had a hard time seeing and needed ALL CAPS chances are if those ppl came here they would use all caps but since the caps are a NO NO here they prolly wouldn't stay around long.

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I must be missing something here. I have never had sheets come off a bed since they started making fitted bottom sheets many years ago. Maybe your sheets are to small. Sheets don't fit near as well as they did before they started making thicker mattresses and different size beds. I use an extra mattress pad to fill up the extra space of the sheets. I use the elastic strap on corners for my mattress pad to keep it from wrinkling.

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I'm thinking the problem has been solved during the last seven years!

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Hi sudiepav,

After seven years or so, I doubt whether my suggestion will be of much use, now.

But, as your mattress is showing signs of age ... and the one in the guest room is in great shape ...

... how about switchin' 'em?

Unless you have guests something like 3 days a week.

ole joyful

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I have 2 sets of sheets that I bought at Goodwill after my house burned 2 years ago. I found some brand new ones on sale at Family Dollar and thought I would treat myself to some new ones. They will just not stay on. It's almost like they're too big. Very annoying. I will look and see of B,B & B still has the blue things. If not I may donate these to Goodwill.

BTW, all caps and bold would be even easier to see.

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I got mine pinned with elastics underneath to prevent sheets from moving. When the height of the mattress doesnt match the sheets,then it keeps coming off. You may use safety pins on for corners too; savvy remedy ;)

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Sheets and mattress pad come off.
I'm wondering what the "blue things" are since the link doesn't work!

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Purchasing some thing is always question to the your purchasing power, if you can afford, do it other wise leave it

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I realize this thread is old, but here's a link to the BBB sheet snugglers:

Here is a link that might be useful: BBB sheet snugglers

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