HMI Steel Entry Doors

kodak2July 19, 2012

We finally finished our interior renovations of our house and we now want to change our front entry door. We have a steel door and want to replace it. We looked at HMI doors. Does anyone have this brand or know anything about them? Are steel doors better than fiberglass? We live about 2 blocks from water and we will also have a storm door. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks.

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Personally, I think doors with a steel skin, are great,
until they start to rust. I am now replacing a steel
door,(25 years old), on the side of my garage, with a fiberglass door.
The best feature of the steel door, in my estimation,
is that they don't warp. And I'm guessing the fiberglass
won't either. Either way, I'm old enough to know that
"I" will NEVER have to replace this door.

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Door and frame or just the door? If you know the original mfg. you might save a bundle by replacing just the door. Almost all residential mfg's today make fiberglass.
I recommend fiberglass and yes, any door can warp as almost all of them have a wood core/frame inside.

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