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sue102March 4, 2006

I like to get to know a bit about the people I interact with on message boards. Nothing too personal, just general information. So post here and tell us a little about yourself, your family, work and your latest scrapping projects.

My name is Sue and I have been married for 33 years to John. We have 5 children (ages 31-21) and 5 grandchildren (ages 12-2). I work as a high school special education aide and love my job! I have a scrap/craft area in our basement that I love! Lots of storage (nothing matches but I don't care!) and a 6 foot table to work with! My latest project is putting together a seasonal scrapbook for my 5 year old grandson. He lives in Florida and doesn't understand seasonal changes!

Hope to hear from some more of you soon!


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My name is Becki and I currently not married. I am 41 years old. I have a 22 year old daughter who is about to graduate from nursing college to be an RN.(I am so proud) I have been scrapbooking on some level since I was in High school, you know, activities like clubs I was in, places I went, programs I was in, etc. It pretty much consisted of gluing newspaper articles, programs, etc. to the old fasioned scrapbooks. I did one on my daughter when scrapbooking started getting popular. I am now redoing it because there are so many better things to use now and ideas galore.

I work in a facility for mentally retarded individuals as a supervisor. I have started my co-workers doing scrapbooks on the ladies that live in the homes I supervise.

I do most of my scrapbooking in my living room or bedroom. I have an extra bedroom that I would like to convert to a scrapbooking room, but everytime I clean out space, my daughter takes something out of her room and fills it up. LOL

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My name is Janna and I live in Nocal with my dh and 4 kids, aged 11, 8, 5 and 2. I have scrapped for as long as I can remember! I found Creative Memories in 1994, however, and that is when I became serious. I remember the feeling of joy when I discovered a whole company built around scrapbooking!

I still use CM books, however most of my other supplies and extras are not CM.

Right now I love rub-ons and pages backed in one color scheme, but my style changes alot. I NEVER redo pages.

I love scrapping with girlfriends, and think that that is the perfect girls night out.

I am new to this forum, but have spent time at the Cottage Garden, CA garden and swimming pools and spas forum off and on for years.

I do not know how to show my pages here, do I need a scanner large enough to scan a 12x12, or do I just take pictures of my pages and upload?

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Patty (obviously- lol)
in MA
Married SAHM, 3 kids two girls one boy ages range from 11 down to 1 1/2

I have been on the home boards for a few months since we are building and just found you here...

I have been scrapping since 1998.
Primarily 12x12 and I like doing other papercrafts

my husband is wonderufl about supporting my 'habit'

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Hi! I live in a small town in Western PA. Married to a great guy for 27 years. We have two daughters - 24 and 21 (yikes!). I teach preschool which is a pretty fun job. I haven't done too many scrapbooking projects, but feel the need to keep buying paper and embellishments anyway. I keep trying to get my friends to scrap, too, so I have someone to do it with! One just became a grandma - so she's my best bet! Glad to see some action here on the scrapbook forum and nice to meet you all!

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Hi Everyone,
I live in S.E. Pa. Married to a wonderful man. Have two daughters and one son, and two wonderful grandchildren. I have only been scrappin for 3 years now. Love it. I do the little 4x6 size books. One book takes me through the year. I found that sometimes the 12x12 is too much to embellish and the 6x6 size wasn't out when I first started, so I want to keep the books the same size so I stick w/the 4x6. Everyone knows if I get invited someplace and my grandchildren will be there, then my camera will be too. Unfortunately I didn't scrap when my children were little, I wish I had. I scrap at the kitchen table, so when hubby sees me bringing out the supplies he raises a eyebrow, smiles and knows he might find glitter, stickers, brads or whatever stuck to his dinner plate if he sits there too long to eat.


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So happy to meet you.

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I have been on decorating forum since I moved into new house 2yrs ago, after I finished decorating the first house we found new house, new house was blank slate. Been on pools since last year, decided to do pool in blank backyard. I do hit other sites when problems arise. Like my dryer, plants to plant, car, buying homes, money saving ideas, and now scrapping.

I just celebrated my 17th anniversary and 20yrs together. Kids are dd= 9, ds= 5.5. I just went back to work after 5yrs off to be with kids. I am in the insurance industry and called my last coworker and she hired me. Great company, 7mi commute, family oriented, flexible schedule so I can take my kids to school every day.

I remember going to a big craft show in early 90s and saw this scrapbook company and thought they had waaaaaay too much time on their hands. That was CM! Met my CM friend through the MOMS club in 2000, but I had started scrapping when dd was born in 97.

I do 8x11 for kids books but 12x12 for all the others. I have done doggy books for my bro and myself, and cat one too. They each took less than a day to do. Wish I could do a business in pet books. I really love making something special like that.

Creepiest thing about scrapping, kind of sad too. Back in 99 I lived in Atlanta. I was working on my sister's page doing the pics of her and her husband. When I was literally holding the pics the phone rang, her husband had died. I remember talking on the phone while looking at the pics. Very coincidental, I know, but just really odd.

I currently have my kids books, Kiki cat's, doggy's, my family and friends, dh's family and friends, dh's life before me/my life before dh (It is a 12x12 with white pages, there is a black divider page so you know where his part starts). I will be making a vacations book at a crop event on 4/29. It will have all the trips we took before kids came into our marriage. Then I will make a book of our life together, minus the kid stuff. That will be a small book-lol! Actually, there are things we have done that did not involve the kids- hard to believe we actually have done things without them! I will make a book of my dh's kayak trips.

Now that I am settled in to working again, I can fit scrapping back into my schedule. Janna knows how the pool build can be all consuming. The reason I have over 1000 pics to develop is because all my time was spent on the pool. Now I can get refocused.

My biggest dream is to have my mom get her pics organized. She has two shoeboxes of black and white pics from her youth. She is 73. I have talked to her about writing on the backs because she is the only one who knows. I have offered to scan all pics to disc to give to others. I would then put the pics into an album for her. My siblings could do what they want with their CD of pics. I could even make duplicate albums if they paid me to do it. Of course the deal would be that I get mom's actual album some day.

My mom has been a real frustration for me lately. Maybe this would be a way to bring us closer.

I need to keep my cost down, $40 is too much for an album and one can only have so many parties to earn free stuff from CM. I was a consultant for a few months, just not enough time to generate the clientel. So I think I may have to use the 40% coupons at Michaels or JoAnns to get my books. My CM friend is fine about stuff like that. I still will buy other things from her.

I have got my dh better at taking pics. I have explained how to think about pics instead of just taking them. He has gotten really good at it.

Enough about me. This is why I have no time to scrap.

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LOL, shannon! I can't remember where you are located? I know it's somewhere close, in Sac area. I'm in EDH, but I go to a lady in Shingle Springs for CM workshops. I only make maybe 4 a year, otherwise I scrap on my dining room table. I hear ya about the books being too expensive, I just can't find an alternative I like. I love Scrapbook Station in Folsom, and they're moving to the Broadstone Center which is going to be so much closer to me! (Trouble!)

My kids are beggin' me to swim today!


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My kids took the plunge on Friday. They were in there for quite a while.

After hearing the CM history, I have gathered that one of the founders went to an album company and the rest is history. This company makes the albums to the CM specifications. Like the stickers being Grossman stickers. They are just made exclusively for CM to their specifications. I was thinking it might be Western Trim, the books are really similar.

To the best of my knowledge, CM is not a manufacturer of the product- I may be wrong of course. CM does have it's researchers and such, but I do not really think they have a factory that makes all this stuff.

Just like Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, etc hosiery. CK, LC etc do not have factorys. They contract with a major textile company, I think these two use Burlington, to make the product the way they want it with their label on it. But a lot of consumers think that CK has the best but the hosiery that is labeled Burlington is garbage. It is just that the product CK has made for them is made a certain way to appeal to a certain market.

Anyhoo, I can't wait til 4/29. I am going to clean up my closet and organize my stuff a little better. Since I do a lot of scrapping on my formal dining set, I was thinking of clearing out the bottom of my buffet for my stuff. The china can go in my kitchen cabinets. It's all in those foam/fabric protectors anyway. Then my stuff could be taken out and used, then put away with much more ease. Then I would not have my ugly tub next to my nice table anymore.

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Shannon, yes you are right. When CM went into biz, (I think around 97) they contracted with Westrim (I think that's the correct name). Westrim books were then taken out of all retail locations. I used to buy their books (Westrim)at Hallmark. They changed a few things; ie the page hinge system, patented it and they were off. I sold CM from 94-2000. I now rarely use anything CM except their books. Still like them the best. I like the side loading pp and the opened page that lays flat.

My kids swam for an hour on Friday, we officially turned the solar as well.


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