If you are a sewer of even modest skill.........

budsterOctober 12, 2007

You might want to just peek in at the sewing forum. A member (unknown to me personally) has a couple of posting on reconstructed clothing. OK, this idea is not for everyone but for those who are counting their pennies any way they can, it offers some good starting points. Just thought I'd mention it to the forum. Budster.

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Thanks for directing us to the sewing forum. I used to purchase men's suits from thrift stores and reconstruct the jackets and vests for myself, and even made the pants into a skirt. Luckily I came up in an era where we had tayloring experience and sewing classes in Home Economics, and nearly every girl got a sewing machine as a high school graduation gift. We made most of our own clothes back then, and later made them for our children.

I got the idea and information for reconstructed men's suits from a Woman's Day Magazine article back in the late 1970's or early 80's. Yet one more inflation-beating idea to come out of the Carter years in the White House.

I came from a household where fasteners (zippers, buttons, hooks, etc.) were removed from clothing destined for the rag bag, and kept for reuse.


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I guess I've been up too long! I looked at the title and was thinking storm sewer or sanitary sewer? Sheesh! I guess victim of our crazy language.... Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Took a few seconds and it hit me that it was a sewing item.

I feel fortunate that I was able to watch my mother sew enough that I was able to figure out how to stitch a small tear and replace a button. And really lucked out when they brought out the "Buttoneer" to refasten buttons! But it's really sad that they don't have some of the classes to teach kids now some of what I consider the basics of living. Being able to fend for yourself a little. Balance a checkbook. Yes, even sew on a button! I look at kids handling money and they can't make change unless the register tells them how much. Makes me quite sad. It's not that difficult.

Back closer to the topic. Let in and let out are terms unknown to so many. There's very few tailor shops around these days. I remember I took in a suit to be altered after I had lost, well let's just a a bunch of weight and it was essentially temporarily! :) But I was able to have it altered for I think it was $40. And there was a lot of work and a lot of material removed. But still far cheaper than buying a new suit for the occasion.

I think I should go to sleep now!

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I used to buy clothing at thrift shops and re-tailor them to fit myself. For example, I bought a beautiful white leather jacket for next to nothing and re-sewed it. It was about a size 14 and I'm a size three.

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Knowing how to sew can be a tremedous money saver.

i've never lived in a home w/ normal-size windows, so being able to sew curtains myself saved me tons and tons of $.

Fixing clothes, ditto.

Sewing from scratch isn't always the cheapest way to get clothes anymore; ready-made clothes can be pretty cheap, and fabric can be pretty pricey.

But it's still a great option.

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My Mom said mens' suits were made into ladies' suits as far back as the 'thirties and 'forties...not much fabric available during the Depression or the war.

If you flip a man's shirt 180 degrees, you'll be likely to cut a little girl's blouse out of it, and the buttons and buttonholes will already be there, on the correct sides!

Sewing hasn't beat the price of ready-made for thirty years or so.

As someone who currently works in the tailoring field, many folks loathe paying a living wage to those who can do the work when they can buy a new (fill in the blank) for less.

To do repairs and alterations for yourself almost always works in your favor. Man's leather coat too big across the shoulders becomes one that fits in an afternoon, at Goodwill prices.

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