Zipper Problem

rosethymeJanuary 4, 2007

I have a nearly new pair of jeans that fit just fine. The only problem is the zipper won't stay zipped. After awhile it just slides open which can be embarrassing. Isn't there a way this can be fixed without replacing the zipper? I'd really like to be able to wear these again. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Yes and no.

Zippers used in flys have a tab behind the slider that locks into place and is released when you lift the tab of the slider. This is called a "locking slider".

Technically, you can change out the slider, but only if the repair/alteration shop carries replacement sliders. And even when they do, the insertion of the zipper in a pair of pants makes replacement of the slider about the same amount of work as replacing the whole shootin' match.

It's new zipper time, methinks!

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Thanks for your help, Chelone.:) Guess I will go ahead and have the whole zipper replaced.

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There are some little hooks you can get that hold your zipper slider up. The hook end goes in the hole in the slider and the loop end goes around the button on the jeans. I think carries them - if not, Nancy's Notions may.


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Thanks, Msmeow. :) I'll look into it...might be easier.

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I have a near new winter coat on which the main zipper slider broke off. It is marked "P5". I know "5" is the size, but I don't know what the "P" stands for. I believe the zipper itself is metal.

If I am to try to replace the slider I need to purchase the right size. Is "P" an important part of the size, or is just "5" all that is needed?

I can't find sliders locally, so the cost of the slider (a package of 25 or more plus shipping) makes me think I may be better off going to the local dry cleaner that offers some tailor services and see what they charge. The installation of a slider looks to be easy enough to not take much time, i.e., not a big labor charge...mostly just handling. I'd say $5 sound reasonable to me, without any direct knowledge.

Any suggestions/ideas?


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Okay, here's a REALLY lazy way to temporarily fix this kind of problem. I did it once fully intending to replace the zipper and, well, never did.

Get some dark, heavy thread (the weight of dental floss) and tie a loop through the hole in the end of the slider. Make the loop long enough to go around the button at the waistband. With the zipper all the way up and the thread looped around the button, the zipper will stay up. Then just button the waistband as usual.

Hope that makes sense.

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Cost to replace sliders in my neck of the woods is around 8 dollars.

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