I need your honest opinion please

gluecilleOctober 28, 2003

I posted this in another forum but thought you could give me some info also...

Every Wednesday at work we have a sale that consists of close to date items which are verrrry cheap. Most things I just put in the freezer or we eat it right away. Last week I bought a case of Mega Lunchables, the big ones with the Cola, Nacho's, Cheese and salsa. I thought they would be good to take to work for lunch. They are taking up all of my space in my frig. Would it be terrible if I gave them out for Halloween treats? They don't expire until the end of next week.

I need the truth, what do you think? Would you throw them away if they were in your childs trick or treat bag?

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Two questions:

How would you feel about getting one of those lunch buddies in your "Tricks for Treats" bag ... if you were a kid?

Would you feel comfortable in putting your name and phone number on the pack with magic marker, so that the Mom in question would know that you were not pulling some kind of nasty trick on her kid?

joyful guy

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Don't forget that little kids lug their treat bags aound for quite a distance. Do you really think it's appropriate to give them something that heavy and bulky? I'd also be concerned about that expiration date being so close. Not everyone pays a lot of attention to such things, and you might risk a kid eating it after the date has passed.

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Don't do it. If my child got something like that in a trick or treat bag it would end up in the garbage. Sorry, but that's just how I feel.

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I would have to agree with Janet - those things need to be refrigerated and I would worry as to long they had been out. If you want to give them away, I would suggest the closest "soup kitchen".

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I think I will just give them to the children I know.

Yes joyful i would put my name and address on them I'm really glad that you mentioned that, I will put one of my address stickers on them right on top where you open them. They are not the kind that have meat or anything like that in them. They have a cola, a bag of nacho's, sealed plastic containters with pull off lids containing cheese and salsa (the kind you find in Kraft mac and cheese in the foil bags that sit on the shelf at the store or in your cabinet)and a small individual size bag of candy. All of these are sealed in a box. I thought they expired next week but I was wrong it is the week after next.

I wouldn't even consider giving the ones with any kind of meat or something that I think would make them sick or sweat in their halloween bags and mess up their candy. I should have explained these better in the beginning.

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Maybe you could open them up and serve them as snacks when the kids come around? Explain the situation to the parents if they don't feel comfortable about it.

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