sewing with twin needles

donnas_gwJanuary 2, 2014

Awhile back, someone explained to me how to thread the machine when sewing with twin needles. I did thread my machine, but the underside (bobbin) thread didn't look right. I want to say the bottom stitch looks like a "zigzag" stitch, but the more I look at it, it looks like the tension needs adjusting (tightening, maybe?) I know it's not a good picture...I took it with my cell phone and had to do some editing. It's the best I could do. The picture below is the UNDERSIDE of the fabric with the stitch in question. Thank you.

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The bottom of twin needle stitching WILL look like a zigzag.

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Yes, that looks exactly right. Remember, there are 2 threads on top, but only one underneath that has to travel back and forth to catch both top threads.

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