Kitchen Layout design suggestions needed

M_N_AMay 1, 2013

update. found another space for the W/D. so the upper left corner will be a utility closet for vacuum, broom etc.

We are planning our new kitchen layout.
in the top view, the W/D unit is at the upper left corner.
the other side of the kitchen opens up to family room. Kitchen and Family together is 15x28
the island actually only has 2 base cabinet. it's hard to draw it with ikea software. so #11,12,13,14,15,16 will not be there and will be counter top overhang for sitting. we want to eat in the kitchen

Option A: Fridge and microwave on the left wall
Pros: fridge near Sink
Cons: the isle on the left might be tight with seats

Option B: Fridge and microwave on the range wall
Pros: left isle is more open. left wall looks clean and open. more counter space on the left, not interfering cooking and washing
Cons: Fridge is very far from sink (15 or so). lesser counter space near range, microwave usage might interfere cooking

which option works better?

1. I like to be able to take things out of fridge and put in the microwave or on the counter top underneath.
For option A the pantry is in between. however if we switch the pantry and fridge, the fridge will be even more in the way. is having pantry in between making using microwave less easy?
2. is fridge distance so far an issue?
3. in both options, at the window wall, is it better to have trash pull out on the left and dishwasher on the right, or the other way around?
4. for island, as we want to eat in most of the time, counter height seats are not very easy to get on and off for the elderly and young kids. what could be a good solution that will look good without breaking bank?


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option B:

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I think you want more "elbow room" around laundry than is provided by merely positioning the stack there. At minimum move fridge down or elsewhere,and fit the closet adjacent with shelves/ racks/cubbys or cubicles to stash/fold piles of clothes.I would absolutley need more space and I've had laundry in the becomes a zone when in's not impossible and you have space in the kitchen....perhaps pantry-type closet/room to segregate....bifold doors?Devoting that pantry closet would work....but then you might want a different pantry for food /kitchen use.

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Sophie Wheeler

You don't have enough room for all of the seating that you want. And actual eating at an island isn't comfortable except for breakfast or other quick snacks. Do you not have a dining room in the home? Or a breakfast area?

Post your existing layout first before any changes.

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The laundry squash was the first thing that jumped out at me, too, so I vote for Option B. I prefer the fridge nearer the prep area than the sink. Also, I would swap the trash pullout and dishwasher. Makes the trash more convenient for prep and microwaved food wrappers/covers. My mom's trash pullout is in the island, behind the sink and range, and it's very convenient.

What is the space on the pantry wall? Is it a desk? Perhaps you'd rather the counter height stay consistent, and use a counter-height stool there. I saw that at Ikea, and it looked very convenient.

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@herbflavor, that's right. we are putting a closet door for W/D. it's hard to show with ikea software. will also allow more space as suggested.

@hollysprings, formal dining room is outside family room. a bit far from kitchen. don't have space for breakfast nook hence want to eat at the island

@bpathome, trash pull out at island is an new idea to try. space on the pantry wall Is it a desk with counter top over base cabinets on both sides. again ikea software issue:P

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For option A, you might think of having the eating area at the bottom right corner (maybe re-size cabinets on the right of the range).If you have a table height peninsula there, you won't have to use bar stools and I don't think height change would look strange.

For window wall, I think DW on the left would be better.

Having the pantry between MW and fridge won't be a problem imo.

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thanks sena01

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I like option B but I would move the W/D stack all the way to the left side. It will look more balanced that way plus gets the W/D out of the main work areas of the kitchen. Maybe even rotate it so the bi-fold doors open into the adjacent family room instead of the kitchen so it does not become a blocked entry when in use.

Would it be an option to swap your family room and dining room? That way the dining room would be more convenient for family meals.

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