Help my windowsills.

musicteacherJuly 27, 2011

My front room has three windows that start about 8 inches off the floor, the perfect height for my beloved dogs to perch on, guard the house, and bark at every passing creature. Not surprisingly, in their enthusiasm, they have repeatedly ruined my paint job and even scratched into the wood. I like that they keep strangers away, but need to protect my window sills somehow. Is there anything I could put over the wood, or use instead of wood that they wouldn't damage? I have even thought about temporarily attaching a piece of carpet there, but something white and hard would be much more attractive. Thanks for your thoughts!

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You could get a sheet of white Masonite and cut it to fit on top of the window sill.

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Do a google search for ..... marble window sills.... you'll find places that will custom make them. We recently built and got marble window sills through our local lumber store. They are fabulous. No worries about water or heat damage. You could also try a solid surface such as corian.

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Just wanted to add that if you are looking for somthing temporary or "low budget" find a siding or window installer that might have some poly coil on hand.

It is PVC based and can be bent so you could use it as a guard on your window sills.

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GulfBreeze, good idea and you just gave me another idea, just a scrap piece of PVC siding cut to fit. Either way, you can mold it to the sill or close the window down on it to hold it in place.

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Dog slippers/shoes

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You could apply ceramic tile. We did this with one basement window sill that was constantly getting wrecked - worked well! With all the sizes, patterns, and edge finishing available you might be able to come up with something that looks pretty nice.

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