Why did I rip my house apart?

akl_vdbJuly 20, 2014

Can you please help me put it back together?

The tile is ordered, I had posted choices, and based on all opinions, and the fact that it's neutral but a bit interesting, easy to keep clean, price and availability, this is the choice.

The hardwood is also ordered. Love it. Was bemoaning my "made in China" on another post, but whatevs, what's done is done.

The painters are coming tomorrow. I had decided on revere pewter. The kitchen is already painted (looks great, fresh), as is some of the hallway.

I'm just worried that it's all the same. Is there interest in any of this? I tend to do tone on tone, play it safe, then it's boring.

The fireplace is another dilemma. Going to take the mantle out (yet another post, boy you guys have been helpful!) and will potentially put in this ledgestone.

But it all seems to blend! Please help! The right paint is RP, the left is darker, Rockport Grey.

Any and all help will be appreciated. (I was able to forget all this for a while during my love in with the sparkley kitchen tile, boy he was a wonderful distraction from real life ;) )

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Fireplace area with tile choices, paint to the right is RP, the left is rockport gray. The pink carpet will go!

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A vote for Rockport Gray -- a deeper tone to visually balance the deep rich color of the floors ..... then add silver or gold accessories for shine and sparkle around the room .....

....Can't wait to see the After photos of your room -- your choices look wonderful!! And remember .... a couple of brightly-colored pillows or artwork can really add LOTS of color to a neutral room! That's the wonderful reason that neutral rooms work so well -- accessories can be added and switched around for different seasons or different reasons! :)

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I'd go with the dark for the same reason as above.

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Holly- Kay

I think every element looks lovely. Tea cats is right about the neutral being so easy to accessorize. I prefer the RP but I am always drawn to lighter colors.

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Thanks teacats- you're so encouraging and are successful in making me feel like a rockstar :)


holly-kay- I like both, trying to keep it lighter and airy as the floors are dark (and we're trying to paint before they are in, so it's hard to imagine the whole picture!)

Any opinions on the fireplace tile/stone that I've posted? I was thinking top right, but again, so safe.

Thanks for looking!

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I love all your choices! I like the top left (which is really the middle) for the fireplace from what I can see, but it is a bit hard to tell. The top right looks a bit more tanish on my monitor.

I cant wait to see your room too!

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boopadaboo-thanks! Ok, which colour, I can't tell :) The white, the zebra, the tanish, the middle (b/w the tannish and the dark grey) or the dark grey?

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You have those big boxy columns and other boxy shapes, so the dark gray could look too "parking structure".

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I like the white. Looks like you re painting the trim white, correct?

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Yes, we will be doing white baseboards and casings, and are taking the fireplace mantle down. My DS likes the white one too, "it's sparkley". He's 3.

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I think you've made really nice choices. I love a neutral palette as a background, then bringing in the contrast and interest with furniture and accessories. I'll be you'll be very pleased with the results.

If you have son who likes sparkly, then that gets my vote, too!

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Rockport gray and the middle left (the lightest) fireplace choice. The white trim will really pop against the darker color. Love your choices!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I like all the left side choices, on my screen the right side choices are very pink, not much gray. For the stone the top 2 left are best the other bottom one is a little dark.
Beautiful home.

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I think it would be helpful to post your DR/entry way pics and see if people feel the same. I think the cool grays, blacks, and whites along with the heavy boxy shapes will give your home a very cold, industrial look. I'd do the color palette on the right. It will make it feel more organic (rustic) and homey.

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Thanks may_flowers, I've been busy to post more pics (I'll try later), but I get what you're saying. I'm going to look at some more wall stones, but I'm limited to something as thin as possible so they don't protrude over the fireplace.

I think I'll look for something with a bit more variation and more 'natural/organic'.

I did pick up a couple different paint samples that the BM lady put together with RP (which is looking awesome so far!, not much different that what we had, but so different that what we had, if that makes sense!)

So there's Ashley Grey, Kingsport grey and weimemimer (however you spell that!) which are browner greys, so not as cool.

Thanks for reminding me which way I'm trying to go!

The link I have, too sandy coloured?

Here is a link that might be useful: different stackstone??

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