HELP! Installing Glass Shelves in Cabinet

cruzinpattisJuly 28, 2014

I took out all the shelves and glassware to clean out of 2 glass cabinets.
One cabinet all three shelves went back perfectly.

Second cabinet, not one shelf will go in. I tried tilting, sliding... nothing works. Shelves won't go back onto the pegs correctly.
I removed the glass cabinet door, thinking that would work. Nope!
Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Picture of cabinet with shelves in it...

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Switch the shelf location to the correct cabinet.

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I tried that...several can do!

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If they came out hey have to go back in. So snooyb is correct, either you are attempting to put them in the wrong cabinet or trying to put them in in the wrong orientation. No other explanation.

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You have six pieces of glass. Label each one and try each one first in the bottom shelf, then turn it around front to back and try that, then with the same piece of glass, do the same with the middle shelf, then the top.

But first, I would stack all six pieces of shelving and find out if you can see any distinctions in size.

Did the second cabinet get exposed to heavy moisture that could cause the wood to expand? Were these shelves hard to remove?

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They might have expanded...I tried again, this time I tapped the the glass and sure enough got them in... Phew! Won't remove to clean again... Lesson learned!

While removing I made sure which one went, middle, bottom, right / left cabinet.

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Could it be that one of the shelf clips was the problem?

Did you remove the clips? If so, maybe one of the clips wasn't sliding into the hole far enough.

If you didn't remove them, I wonder if one of the clips got bumped as you took the shelf out, put a different shelf back in, etc., and got tipped a little, so it was sticking out.

Because it's the clip that would be in the way.

If you hadn't gotten it in already, I would have suggested lightly tapping each of the clips with a hammer to seat it more deeply into the hole, and more snugly up against the cabinet side.

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