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brownthumbiaJanuary 6, 2011

I have a couple pair of blue jeans that are too large in the legs. I am not proportioned very well so I buy them for hip size. Can I sew in the side seams a little and not the inseams without making them lopsided? If so, is there a limit on how far I can take them in without altering their appearance? Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. BT

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You can take in the side seams a couple of inches if you have to.

The trick is to do what you have to to keep the seam running straight down the middle of your leg, through your ankle bone. And taper the altered seam into the area of the hip smoothly. Use 4-6 inches for the final taper to prevent bumps.

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tyvm lazygardens. So, it should come out okay if I take in the same amount all the way down the leg, right? except, of course when it comes to the hips. hope I'm thinking right here but will wait and see if you reply to this. by using 4-6 inches, I'm assuming you mean to leave that much below the hip line right?

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I have altered pant legs by laying a pair that fit along the seams (turn pants inside out) and just mark where the ones that fit are.I hope that makes sense.

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