automatic hand soap dispenser

krissie55October 21, 2010

I was given Lysol automatic liquid hand soap dispensers and did not like the amount of liquid soap or thickness. The Lysol liquid soap was hard to wash off hands. Dilution was the answer.

By drilling a 3/8" hole in bottom of soap bottle and diluting the Lysol liquid soap with water about 50%. The bottle fits into the dispenser upside down. (Put masking tape over area to be drilled to prevent plastic bottle from cracking). Keep clear tape over the hole. Might be o.k. or leave open, have not tried that.

Using Dial liquid soap only needed 25% dilution in order to dispense just the right amount for hand washing.

Use any brand refill you desire, dilute as needed.

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I agree about the amount dispensed and thickness, and find it applies to most of the dispensers (pump bottles like Soft Soap).

I still have one of the first liquid soap bottles in my powder room--meaning from when they first came out, early '80's. The pump stem and spout are much thinner and dispense a much more reasonable amount.

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