31 cents

kathy_October 15, 2003

That is the difference in price of a gallon of gas in Pa (higher) and VA. Why do I feel ripped off filling my tank tonight? It's all about the taxes I guess. Kathy_PA

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It's 1.37 here for unleaded.

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We are down to $1.49 now! Seems like a bargain. Kathy_PA

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I am amazed how often the gas prices change, sometimes they can increase 20 cents in a matter of hours. Gas in my area is running about $1.58/gal.

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Once a week (thursdays) our gas station has 5 cents off. Yesterday it was $1.65, today it was $1.62. So gas must have gone up to $1.67 overnight and I bet it goes back to $1.65 or thereabouts tomorrow.
Who do they think they are kidding? Still bought the gas though, wait all week for the discount price and lucky to get 3/5 the saving...

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Gas prices MI, WI, MN, ND ran $1.559 to $1.719 or so in last ten days. Best price Marquette, MI.

Here in Ont. 66.9 cents/litre, or CDN$2.58/U.S. gal. Difference often as much as a nickel locally, even more in different towns.

Canada, with much lower population, must build more roads per 100,000 residents than U.S. And suffer more cold-weather damage to roads.

Enjoy a great week, all.

joyful guy

P.S. Who just helped farmer (kid) brother (whom I married) on Prairies celebrate 40th anniversary, and retirement from farming, as son not interested.


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