Oopsy - won't save any money that way

kathy_October 14, 2003

The other day it was hot after a long cool spell. I cranked up the window unit but it was not working very well. Had it on a couple of hours and when I turned it off I heard a funny noise and realized the furnace was running. Aaaaacccckkkk! So much for money saving. Kathy_PA

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A while ago, when driving my van that hadn't been used for a while, coolant got hot and I had to add some water.

Must remember to add some anti-freeze: right soon.

Thanks for reminding me.

An engine block split by frozen water that lacked enough anti-freeze is no fun.

But ... if there is a reasonable amount of anti-freeze, the liquid will be slushy and not crack the block (but it won't circulate very well, so let the car warm gently rather than driving it hard soon after starting - or expect the steam to blow out pretty well all of your coolant).

Hope you're all enjoying fall.

We have some wonderfully beautiful leaves in Ontario in the fall - come give our scenery a look.

joyful guy

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Wow I think you'd better get that antifreeze in there soon. We were in Canada last year at this time - hubby has relatives there. Beautiful place but the cold comes in too fast up there for me. I prefer the south (of Pennsylvania - haha). Will be cussing your cold Canadian air blasting us soon enough. Kathy

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Come on up, Kathy - we can use hot air any time (well, in three of the seasons, anyway).

I think that there's still enough anti-freeze to keep the water from freezing hard enough to crack the block - likely make the coolant slushy, so would take a while with engine running at idle to warm, melt the slush before driving.

Will get on it this week - spent last 10 days on trip to Saskatchewan to help farmer brother celebrate 40th anniv. - and retirement from farming, as son (only child) not interested in farming.

Need to add body paste to holes around edge of roof of van to keep rain, snow from getting in, as well.

Hope you're enjoying a glorious fall, all.

joyful guy

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