Please vote on green paint colors for DD's Bedroom

oldbat2beJuly 19, 2014

17 year old DD's room has been in flux for over a year now and I'd love to get it back together.

We removed wall to wall carpet and beadboard on 2 1/2 out of 4 walls. Still to do is replace baseboard and refinish floors. Key elements in the room are:

Large blue bureau
Black queen sized bed
Oak floors (will be refinished)

On a whim (without DD's input) I first sought a color which 'popped' with the blue and black. Selected Sherwin Williams Gleeful (think lime green) and painted ceiling at 25% and walls at 100%. Boy did it pop, but we couldn't STAND it. Primed over most of it and have various blue samples up (BM Breath of Fresh Air, Mt. Rainier Grey, Normandy), none of which have appealed sufficiently to DD. Too much blue.

She's now thinking green. Unfortunately, she has no desire to spend time on Houzz, so has no inspiration pictures in mind.

I've mocked up a selection of greens, but only really like one of these (seahorse), when combined with the floor and bureau colors.

Any suggestions of greens that you've loved and which might work, would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to get some new sample colors up on the wall and get this DONE!

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The blue in your samples doesn't seem to be the same blue as the bureau, which looks grayer on my screen. And, I don't see the seahorse green in the picture. ??

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BM Kittery Point Green.

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kswl, the seahorse is the third from the left on the top row.

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kswl - The blue in the sample is more accurate than the picture, it's definitely not a light blue. There's a little purple in it.

Tibbrix - Thanks for the suggestion. Added Kittery Green, Guilford Green and Hawthorne Green to the top of the picture. We had a similar color (to KG) in our family room for a long time.

I'm having a hard time with greens. I'd much prefer a beige or a grey, but keep telling myself, that it's not my rooom....

Linking to seahorse (better picture).

Here is a link that might be useful: Seahorse on BM site

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Holly- Kay

Hi OB2B! So nice to see you.

I like the Van Alen green and Kittery Point Green with the blue in the bureau but it is difficult because monitors aren't always accurate.

I am crushing on blue right now so will love seeing what you and DD decide!

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I love the Van Alen Green, but when we tried it a while back, it turned the color of Crest toothpaste in our room. I'm liking the Kittery Point Green with the furniture, on my monitor, anyway.

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Sorry oldbat, I mst have been temporarily blind :-(

So far I like the Kittery Pt. green best as well.

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On my screen, some of the colors mentioned above are too dark and green. My faves would be Stolen Moments and Hawthorne Green.

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I would do Hawthorne green, but i may be a tad older than your DD?

Which is to say, her selection didn't work out, but this edited palette you are showing has no clunkers in it. So I would let her choose from among these.

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i don't know if i would choose any of those colors, but would probably lean towards either the wales green or the wickham gray...
i agree tho- just let your daughter choose what she likes-- i doubt she needs to spend time on houzz to know what she likes/looks good to her.

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Green is my favorite color, but certain shades of green make me feel like I am in a hospital corridor.
I think that you should not go too light I think you should go greeny gold to balance the purply blue. So maybe SW sassy green or crispy gold or edgy gold. I also wouldnt mind not going green, and instead going charcoal or into the pumpkin spice range. Why dont you bring home a fan deck and leave it on her pillow.

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I have always loved this picture of Aganthus Green. The soft blue (like your daughters bureau) is just so lovely w/ it!

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I like the Aganthus Green with the soft blue & the black accents. I also like the Guilford Green. Kittery Point Green, Aganthus Green, Stolen Moments & Guilford Green samples on the wall? If none of those are the winner, we keep going.

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Holly- Kay

Foxes, the Aganthus green looks stunning in that room.

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On my monitor I can almost see a violet undertone in the bureau. I am wondering if you'd be willing to paint it a little more blue violet, maybe a shade darker than it is now, and then it'd be easier to work with the greens. I have BM English Hyacinth in my powder room. It's blue, but I can see some violet. It looks really pretty with my oak hardwoods. And my light green coffee mug. ;) It's similar to SW Evening Shadow.

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Holly-Kay - Always nice to see you too:) Guess what - you were spot on with your blue comment.

DD is off at camp, and I really wanted to get this done so I picked out the green colors I disliked least (I'm bad, I know, but I just wanted to get it done!); painted the ceiling the light Seahorse (very pale, but I liked it), then went to get the wall paint, chose two shades up for the walls (cheerful Wales Green). Had just arrived home with the wall paint, when DD called, and I confessed. Her reaction? Not green, Mom, BLUE!, same dark blue as another room in the house. AARGH. So I will need to paint the ceiling (again) and buy more paint. My fault entirely. The hardest part is CLEANING the room so that I can paint.

Anyone in need of a gallon of Wales Green?

Or even better, can my local store take the green and get to a desired much darker blue?

sas95, kswl, peony4, thanks for the suggestions. mtnrdredux - yes, my goal was to present choices with which I could live, but I really didn't like any. (An apricot would be fun, but the blue she's picked will go well, I think).

busybee3 - her first choices were incredibly dark and saturated greens and blues. Lots of samples up on the wall, but fortunately she did not like any.

localeater - I have left a fan deck out but there's not a lot of interest!

TheFoxesPad - great picture, love it! MayFlowers - you nailed it. The bureau does have purple in it; what a gorgeous combination that would be - the purple and green together.

romy18 - thanks for the support!

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