Sears Garage Door Opener problem

hutchanneJuly 15, 2010

My Sears wall mount control will not open the garage door. Both remotes do and also the keyless entry works fine. But the wall mount control box just blinks constantly with the green light flashing. It will not open my door. I have tried holding down the lock button as suggested. No luck...the sensors work..I have no batteries in that control...just a top control /lock button/ light button. Any suggestions. ThX

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Strange problem to be sure. Usually when the green light in the wall control is flashing the remotes will not work. Anyway if it as you say I would remove the control from the wall and then disconnect the 2 wires on the back. Remember which one went where. One has a red stripe. Now try momentarily shorting the two wires together. If the door works the wall control is definitely bad.

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I just answered this question on another forum. Exact same issue. Did this start to malfunction after a storm?

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door opener signal is weak,you have to be right on top of it for it to open

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