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localeaterJuly 19, 2014

I have posted before about my powder room project. I have been playing around with tiles and then with olioboard and I think I am pretty happy.
Some of you may recall the crow tiles that will be the feature of the powder room and will the backsplash. I really like the crows framed with henna irridescent glass tiles from Oceanside glass. The copper color brings out the branch detail. I will repeat the copper by using the glass as corner cuts in 6x6 black slate floor tile on the diagonal. The counter will be matte black as well and the vanity will be on the rustic side. Looking for opinions/feedback and also your suggestions on mirrors and lighting.
Here is my olioboard, the scale is not perfect because I have poor skills. The vanity will be similar and 35" wide and each crow tile is 8x12.
From Mud/Powder Room

The vanity will have walls on both sides in a 35"wide nook. Do you think I should have a mirror with sconces left and right or will it be too crowded and I should do light over mirror?

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That looks wonderful! Will the back wall be black/tiled/painted? I like the dark you're showing. I'm asking, while trying to visual the mirror and/or sconces, picturing sconces and mirror against a dark background.

I like crows, they make me smile for some reason.

Lighting - Here are a couple from tech lighting but these are probably too modern. This linked lighted mirror is an idea, probably way too white. This room is going to be GREAT!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighted mirror

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A mica sconce? LOVE your choices!

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Or one over the mirror

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Your choices are beautiful. I hadn't seen your previous posts with the crow tiles, but I just love them!

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Love it! It's creative and original and a really neat design!

But I do agree that two sconces and a mirror in a 35" wide nook will be too crowded. You'd need wall space around each sconce - at least a foot, which leaves you 11" for a mirror...

You could do a light bar above, a ceiling or hanging fixture, or even two small hanging pendants. The pendants could 'overlap' the mirror slightly if they needed to, solving the space problem.

I've seen some really cool light fixtures with wire 'cages' around the bulb. Some look just like bird cages; others are more 'industrial chic' -- IMO either would work well, though I'm thinking two industrial-chic wire cage pendants would be great.

For a mirror, I'd keep it very simple to avoid stealing visual thunder from your fabulous splash. Simple, thin-ish wooden frame in a tone the same as or darker than your vanity. Kind of rustic looking, but not over the top.

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Holly- Kay

Local, I love, love, love the crow tiles! Your powder room is going to be awesome!

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Because you have the twin crow tiles, I'd for sure do a light bar instead of another "pair" as in sconces. I think it will look better and highlight the crows to avoid another pair.

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Maybe this mirror?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellcor -- Copper Mosiac Mirror

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Perhaps a light like this one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellacor -- Dakota three-light bathroom bar

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Love the glass around the crow tiles. Not sure about a traditional mirror; won't it be too high? Can you do a mock up? I like the mica glass shades, but will it make the room seem dark?

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Thank you all for your comments and thoughts. I got pretty excited by the copper glass tiles and they helped me to feel jazzed about the project so I am glad you all like them too!

The wall that the backsplash tile will be mounted on will be 10" out from the wall that is above it so it is 'shelf-like'.
Sort of like this photo

Eclectic Bathroom by Glen Ellyn Architects & Building Designers Berneche2 Architecture
This means that the mirror is tucked in.
I could do a full wall mirror, maybe with a pendant. The vanity in his picture is similar to mine as it is same width, the backsplash is the same height and it is in an alcove. I like this with the one fun pendant.

Contemporary Powder Room by Asheville Interior Designers & Decorators Alchemy Design Studio
Of course I can wait a bit on picking out a specific mirror, the lighting is more of an issue because I need to know where to put the boxes.
Though I do think this mirror could be fun, but it could also be too much. From Mud/Powder Room

Ob2b- I do love the first tech sconce you posted. I like the fact they are modern. I dont want rusticy that goes too far and, IMO, passes into kitcsh I want 'modern farmhouse' or 'modern rustic' because that's what we are.
I am nervous to admit it but I think I am painting the powder room SW Alabaster White. 90% of my house is that color and I love the peace that having minimal color change brings to a space and really lets the elements shine.
Tibbrix I love the sconces you posted but they do look a bit too rustic for my taste.
Sweeby- I tend to think that two wall mounts will look crowded too! Darn! I am pretty done with exposed bulbs so cage lights are out for me.
Olychick light bar might be the right choice. I wish that didnt make me feel dissatisfied.
Teacats thanks for sharing that copper mosaic mirror while I think the shape may not be quite right it does make me wonder about playing with the copper glass tiles as a way to frame a mirror.
Lets talk lighting .....
The entire space is 116 x 35(but 10" is the bump out behind the sink so really 106 x 35) There will be a flushmount ceiling light centered in the space and I am just looking for some additional light above/by the mirror.
Mtn- the houzz photo above (the one with the full wall mirrer) shows the same dimension of the mirror above the backsplash and I have mocked it up at home, I think the height is ok.
OK so please share thoughts on mirror, versus full wall mirror. One centered pendant, versus one light bar. Remember there is also a flushmount ceiling light and a window in the space.

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Something like this would compliment your copper glass tiles.

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Or mica pendant

Here is a link that might be useful: mica pendant

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