Getting old is finally paying off

toomuchglassOctober 16, 2007

OK-I'll spill it .. I'm 53 . (Here I am hanging around with you "youngsters" ~ LOL) Anyway , since my hair is totally grey , I'm getting senior discounts now. It's never much , but if they give it to me , I'll take it! Here's the biggest savings of all. I wanted to join a gym for so long - but it's too pricey. I looked into 2 senior centers here just out of curiosity. The age requirement is only 50 ! ( I thought for sure it would be 60 or 62 .)Membership for a year costs $2 - and they have a complete workout center . You bet I'm joining ! Another center near me has everything - stained glass classes ,woodworking classes ,sewing classes , model railroad clubs ....even $2.00 meals. I'm just so surprised that I can take advantage of the centers. I guess that makes getting old alittle easier to take. *smile* Is anyone here old enough for discounts / benefits ? Can I ask what they are ? I'm liking this !

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I use being senior as an cover for a lot of "mistakes" I make. I don't mind aging, but my bones don't like it very well.

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What youngsters?

I am 52 and don't get discounts for anything yet. Minimum for most places is 55.

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Must be the full head of grey, OK white, hair here too (I'm 54). I really don't like it when the young whippersnapper - I can talk like that now right? - gives me the discount without checking and the discount is supposed to be for 60 or 65 and over. Sheesh!

Meanwhile DH got carded buying a beer at the ballpark!!!!! So not fair.

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Maybe that is my problem... not a wisp of gray yet on me!

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I am graying so fast people believe me when I tell them I am 70. A year ago they didn't believe me.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Most of the Goodwill stores around here have a senior day. The one I was at today had 30% off for 55 and up.

Ponderosa Steak House has an unadvertised senior special, so you have to ask for it. I forget if it is a few $$ or what.

Lots of fast food places have them. It may just be a free beverage though.

Recently my (retired) neighbor took his dog to the vet to get it neutered. When he was told the cost, he told the vet he was retired, and on a fixed income (don't we all say that now?) and he asked if he could get a senior discount. The vet did indeed discount the procedure it never hurts to ask. The funny thing is that my neighbor is very comfortable financially, and really was just asking to be funny. He got the discount though, and paid the discounted price.


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Long John Silvers has a "Senior Meal" coupon occasionally, that is the kids meal (1 piece fish/chicken, fries, 2 hushpuppies and a small drink) without the toy for $1.99 and the starting age is 50. Wendy's has a senior discount that starts at 55, but you have to ask for it.


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My MIL was famous for yelling out "I want the Senior Discount" anytime we went anywhere in public. Movies, restaurants,stores,even public parks. I remember once a group of us went to dinner at a steak restaurant. MIL got her 10% discount and I somehow ended up without a dinner. The waitress was too busy calculating the discount to get the order straight.

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I am SO NOT ready to get the senior discounts. My poor ego. I'm 51 and getting grayer by the minute. My youngest child is only 7.

I use to run into one worker at a thrift store who always asked me if I qualified for the discount. She looked to be at least 65 to me. I always wondered how old I looked to her. Maybe she just asked anyone that might be in the age range so no one lost out on the discount if they were entitled.

DH and I are getting good laughs over the cover people on the AARP magazine. All of those rockers like Mick Jagger. Ready for AARP!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I forgot to add that the State Parks in Indiana have a yearly senior pass that is quite discounted. It then entitles one to get in any and all of the parks for the whole year with no extra charges.


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Oh Yeah ! ROFL ........ even Mick Jagger is OLD now !!
Another thing I found out about the senior center is - they have stained glass classes for $25 - at a stained glass shop it's over $100 !! ( I love doing glasswork ) Even if I Want to go in and do my own thing - it's $6 every 4 months. Unbelievable. Don't let the word "Senior center " fool you .... those people are Spunky & fun loving ! LOL Maybe some of them will rub off on me *snicker*

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The caption on a cartoon in last Sunday's paper read
"Everytime I find a gray hair a fairy dies"

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Good Heavens - Just read in the paper that Amy Carter is 40 today!!!!!!!

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Noooo, can't be. She's just a little girl!!


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The young whippersnappers at Mickey D's give me coffee half price. And last time I went to BK, I got ten per cent off my meal deal. I asked the cashier, "Is that for being a senior citizen or a Mall employee?" She didn't say. I'll be fifty-one next month. I've dyed my hair since I was 28, though.

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Think of all the money you can save ...

... using Senior Discount ...


Actually, Senior Discount often makes sense at restaurants, or else the seniors will take home a Doggie Box with over half of the meal, for many eat rather sparingly.

By the way CDN$1.00 cost US$1.03 on Friday.

My U.S. stocks, and foreign-based that are priced in U.S. Dollars, prices have stayed about the same ...

... but if I were to sell them, that'd translate into fewer Canadian Dollars.

Think I'll hold on to them till the Canadian Dollar value goes down again.

Good wishes for a responsibly productive - and satisfying - week ahead.

ole joyful

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WOW! Thx for the heads-up on this info. I also thot had to be at least 55 yrs old, if not older! lol
That does it - I'm haulin' DH's bum off to the Senior Center with me in about 3 weeks - (we're pretty busy till then), and signing on the dotted line as bona-fide 'seniors'!
Of course, I'll have to maybe show 'proof', as my hair isn't quite grey - rather it's just been getting 'dull' over the years!

(Ouch! Mick is realy old? and ALL of them good ones? Spooky!)

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Around here, senior housing is only available for people 55 and older. My 58 year old SIL got a beautiful apartment,new building, all brand new appliances, for $500 a month. Rents for non-seniors around here start at $1200 a month, and $2000-$3000 is more typical. The only down side is all her neighbors are older than she is. But she says they're friendly and pretty quiet. When's the last time you heard of 80-year-olds throwing a wild drinking party?

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When you ask for the senior discounts in the restaurants, do they normally ask for ID? I'm 53 and my husband is 55, but neither one of us look our age.

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Some restaurants do.

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One place I've noticed alot of senior discounts is the casinos. Even if your not a gambler, hotel and buffets offer alot of discounts. I stayed at a casino in December and they gave my senior (50 or 55) colleagues 50% off the buffet prices.

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But then you're hanging around a lot of old people. I'm 54, color my hair (as Jerry Stiller says "It's hard to get old when you dye your hair every 3 weeks") and I don't really want to sit around the senior center. I've got years and years ahead of me to do that.

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I'm the same age as Candice Bergen, Cher and Liza Minelli and we are ALL eligible for senior discount. I just try to remember that when my ego gets bruised.

I can deal with the teeny bopper girl at the movie ticket counter calling me "Madam" (what am I, Heidi Fleiss?) but I dropped the young doctor who kept calling me "dear" after I asked him not to.

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Hair only moderately gray.

I pay almost no fees for banking.

Several stores 10% on Senior's Tuesday, etc. (for some, only once a month) ... including drug store (but I don't know about prescriptions - I hadn't bought any in years, till a few months ago).

Here in Phoenix - $1.25 regular fare, transit ... 60 cents, seniors (if plan over two rides, get a day pass, whichever).

Enjoy your second childhood, everyone.

Seniors should get kids' meal - visited two rest. this week - two food boxes brought home (ate first one, from supper, before bed, as meat in it: last night's was lunch today - not " ... out to lunch", today).

ole joyful

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Yeah, even Raquel Welch and Bridget Bardot are seniors now! And Sophia Loren, Farrah Fawcett... Cheech and Chong... ALL the rockers! That's why the commercials for seniors are using the old rock music. VIVA Viagra! Then they show a semi-old looking guy with an obviously young woman. I resent that.

AARP has a Silver Sneakers program. DH belongs to a health center at the local hospital. Formerly it cost him $350 a year to belong even though his doctor ordered it. With AARP membership, however, his membership to the health center is free. AARP provides a medigap insurance policy that, if you enroll in it during the month that you turn 65, there is no waiting period for pre-existing conditions. DH had total knee replacement in both knees last summer. Medicare negotiated the costs down to an incredibly small percentage of the original bill, then paid most of it. The part they didn't pay, the medigap policy picked up. We didn't have to pay a penny. Prior to his taking out the medigap policy, we were having to pay his cardiologist about the same amount of money per year (after Medicare's negotiations and payments) that the medigap policy premiums cost per year. So even if he doesn't need additional care or procedures, we break even. Plus I have the security of knowing we won't have any trouble paying for additional stuff he needs.

If you are 65 you can get your home property taxes frozen at the current rate. They will never increase for the rest of your life.

I don't see many discounts offered to those who are only 50. But several offered at 55 and 60. I've never had anyone ask to look at my driver's license, however, to prove that I'm a senior. My hair's salt and pepper at 62. I have a friend whose hair has been pure white since she was in her 40's.

Our Goodwill store really handles the age question well. They say, "You look too young to qualify for the senior discount, but we have to ask everybody...?" I guess that's a touchy subject for some.

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Hair slightly gray.

People have a hard time believing that I have one more day to enjoy being 79.


We're having a party on Friday evening ...

... I don't know how wild it'll be ...

... or how much drinking there may be ...

... but you're welcome to come share the fun.

ole joyful

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Happy Birthday, OJ and many more.

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See my thread about it over on KT, "The Party's started" (and, as instructed there, no politicl stuff, you understand).

ole joyful

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