Add gutters to 30 yr old house - Dallas ?

nic3456July 15, 2012

I am getting ready to purchase a nearly 30 year old house in the Dallas area. The inspector mentioned that it would be a good idea to add them so I could control the flow of water. I was wondering if it woul make sense to add them on such an old home if it's been this long without them? The house does have minor foundation issues but the belief is that has been caused by a lack of sprinkler or soaker hoses. Not sure it makes a difference but it a two story house, 75% wood siding/25% brick.

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What are your minor foundation issues? Have you had paint peeling or staining problems? Any time water accumulates against the foundation, it can cause problems.

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Such an old home? My home was built in 1959. If you have trees around your old home, be sure to have screens installed to keep leaves out. May have problems getting anyone to work on such an old home.

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The foundation issues were related to some tilting. I realize 30yo isn't old for a lot of people, but its the oldest I've ever owned :) I just wasn't sure if there was a certain age point at which it wouldn't make a difference by adding gutters.

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Do the neighboring houses have gutters? Home much does the roof overhang? Just wondering.

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Where I live you can't find a house without gutters. If it rains and the water is falling off your roof next to the foundation instead of being diverted away from the house, you could probably benefit from adding gutters. 5" gutters are ideal if you are going to do it. Pics are always helpful so we can see the house. I'm surprised a house built in the 1980's didn't have them.

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Another thing to consider, is you'll need to clean out those gutters yearly if there are trees nearby. If you don't, it's worse than not having them at all when they clog. You can install gutter guard systems, but that will add to the cost of the installation.

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