New Foundation for Small Single Story Home

tulipsJuly 25, 2008

We are looking at a house in a great area on a large, lovely lot 3 miles from my husband's work but...the house has sunk at least 5 inches to the Northwest corner. The house is under 1000 sf, single level on a slab foundation. I've heard that "they" do this all the time on the house flipping shows and it only costs around $2000. We'd appreciate a few comments to give us a better idea if we should proceed to the next level or move on to a different property.

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I'd want an engineer to say why it's sinking, and what it will take to correct it, permanently.
A sinkhole can ruin your whole day.

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Thank you, Randy. I'll start asking around for an engineer in our area.

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Here's a few other things to consider:

Damaged plumbing pipes in/under the slab.

Cracked drywall.

Damaged flooring (when they go through the slab to pump in concrete).

Rigid flooring such as ceramic tile may be damaged during the jacking process.

I really don't think $2000 is very realistic. My sister had it done on a 1250 sq ft house and it was close to 20,000.

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