Old mcculloch chainsaw

Ohioboy15July 24, 2013

I just bought a used mcculloch eager beaver 14'' chainsaw.
Im trying to find the model number and serial so i can buy a new chain for it but am having a hard time locating it. All Ive seen is the eager beaver, then on the top decal(how it tells you to start it) is "2.0 CID" then at the bottom of the decal in tiny print is 130y....nothing that says model number or anything not even on the bottom of the saw...anyone can help?

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take the old chain to a chain saw repair shop, they can make a new one.

Or, look at the identifying info on the chain dogs(the parts that ride in the bar and are turned by the sprocket), count those dogs and find/have a chain made with that kind of chain and that number of dogs.

If you are shopping for ready made chains at WalMart/etc.-----Good Luck.

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Yeah my issue is i have no repair shops around here, so i gotta find a chain with 49 "dogs"

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Order one online.

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You may find this table useful

Here is a link that might be useful: chainsaw reference

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Do you have a True Value near you? Ours does sharpening and repair for chains.

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