Items priced wrong - do you argue ?

toomuchglassOctober 28, 2007

This has happened to all of us at one time or another .... something is mismarked . I'm not talking about sale items ... stores are pretty good at changing the price because something is on sale. I'm talking about a regular product . EX : a shelf full of widgets are marked $3.99 .

One widget has a price tag on of $1.99 . Of course I'd grab the $1.99 one . When it rings up at the register for $3.99 - would you insist that you pay as marked , $1.99 ? -- or have them tell you it's a mistake and let them charge you the $3.99 . I know alot of people on both sides of the fence on this subject. What would you do ?

****** Me ? ..... I'm a wimp - I always get bullied into paying the higher price and I never argue . ( I WANT TO - but I don't ) You ??????

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I would! and normally I do ...though my husband doesnt like it but I like to save wht ever i can.
If i dont like the price at the register....i sometimes leave the item as well.

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I would say something- although my husband prefers I don't.
Our local Walmart used to offer several dollars if an item rang up higher than the stated price. They don't do that anymore & also get really picky about ad matching... excuses like the store is too far away, we don't carry Kroger store brand milk, etc. One clerk went as far as to say I would have to return another day & bring the sales flyer (the same one she had at her station) for an ad match.
My reponse was "No, I won't return tomorrow. Instead I will shop at your competitor which is on my way home today." Which, come to think of it, is what I should have done in the first place...LOL
Now it does appear I'm getting off topic here and I didn't mean to rant!!!
My point is we are the ones with a choice where we will spend our money. We also have the right to speak up politely & respectfully if an item is mismarked etc IMHO.

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If it were marked wrong, I would expect them to honor the price on it. I have learned I am the one usually wrong, the item is just in the wrong place or I read the top sign instead of the bottom one.

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I guess with me, a lot depends on my mood, timing, the store, how I've been treated and how I am treated at the time. Jonesy brings up good points. With the coded tags at the shelves now, it's more rare that there's a true mis-mark. I thought I got overcharged at BigLots but I went and double checked and they had two pallets side by side and one was $2.99 and the other was $4 and it was marked correctly but I thought they were all the same, saw the price on one side and picked it up when I came back up the aisle. So it was my mistake. I could have returned it, but didn't. I needed it anyway.

I've run into the following issues just in the past week:

1) Kmart had a covered litter pan on sale for $9.99. My cousin wanted one and wouldn't buy one for himself so I thought I'd give him one. I looked at them and I assumed the one that was on the endcap was the one on sale. I also decided to buy another item for myself ($90 item at that). When I got there, I asked him to check that it rang in at $9.99, it didn't - $14.99. So I said isn't this on sale, etc, well he wouldn't do anything so I told him to get someone to the pet dept so I could get the right one. A guy came, told me another one was the right one. It was marked $12.99 so I went and asked the "service" desk check - she wouldn't ring it, just insisted it wasn't. Search for the guy again. To shorten a long story I spent between 45 min and an hour to save the $3. Normally I would have walked out, mad, or paid the $3, but this time it was principle. Finally I got it though.

2) Went to Walgreens to pick up the Naproxin on sale for $4.99 with a coupon. Limit 3. I decided to take 2 of them. Got some other stuff too. Just had a suspicion to check the receipt and I got the coupon for just one of them, not the other. Then the crazy manager was trying it say it was my fault! "It was too late, you can't ring in an item after the coupon!" Well tell your cashier, not me! I wasn't happy, but she credited me the $3 to my credit card, but not the tax. I should have argued with that but didn't.

There was another item or two, IIRC recently but I can't remember details.

I was at CUB night before last since they had a sale on Ibuprofen for $1/bottle. Didn't have a lot left (surprised? Me neither!) but I did find some. Well they had the sale tags up for several different kinds since they had the generic versions of Advil, Motrin and another one and a few of each there. I did notice that the caplets were $1.49 so I didn't want to get stung on that so I checked the UPC #s to be sure. They did ring up correctly at the self checkout, which I used to watch it closely that I didn't get overcharged!

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If there is a price sticker that says $1.99 and the rest were $3.99, I'd insist on the lower price. I just usually assume there is a reason for the mark down and if I want it, I get it.

I buy what clothes I can at the end of season clearances. I've been lucky lately to find things are marked down even more than what it says on the tag. Some of the basic shorts and tops have been less than $2. That's even better than the thrift store or garage sales.

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I would ask for the lower price. That is usually the reason I choose the item. If i read the sign wrong then i know it was my error. Some stores use to give you $3 if they scan something wrong. Not many stores still do that. Other stores that have a sale sign will state on the sign the dates that the sale is for. So if you are a day late on the sale and the sign is still up, they wont honor the sale price.

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Yes, I would argue. Most stores will honor the lower sticker price, I have also requested a manager to come and have discussed the matter with them. I guess I have been fortunate and have had no great problems getting the lower price. I found most people are happy just to keep your custom and will do anything to make you happy. Stick to your guns..and if they absolutely won't give it to you at the sticker price, I walk away and email the company. I usually get a nice response and even some dollar off coupons or some offer. I am not rude to anyone but I will argue with the best of them. Budster

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If there is a question in my mind about the price, I ask the clerk to scan the item. I already know how much I am willing to pay for it, so I politely tell the clerk that someone must have put it in the wrong bin. If the price is clearly marked, I firmly but nicely ask for the advertised price. Once I found toilet paper on sale at a fantastic buy. The register rang up twice that much and they pointed to the sign on their side of the sales bin. I told them I got it on the other side, which had a sign for the lower price. It was a big rip off. All the toilet paper was the same brand and same size pack. The only difference was one side of the bin had a sign twice as high as the other side.

I know people move things in stores and sometimes even change price tags, so I don't try to take advantage of the store, but I do expect the store to be fair with me.

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I haven't had an overpriced item at Walmart in a long time. It is usually under priced. That is a change from when they started out.

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I work in retail for Walgreens, and in the state of Michigan there is a law that shoppers will get 10 times the difference of the price discrepency, with the maximum of 5 dollars...So for example the product rings up for a dollar instead of 80 cents, the customer would get the item for 80 cents and get $2 for free!

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Remember the good old days when there were little stickers on each item giving the price in Dollars and Cents?

Back about the time that they were changing to UPC, there was a bunker of fish in an A & P store, with a sign over the bunker stating such a price. When I checked the price on the item (I think that it was pre-priced, so much weight, at XX price per lb., with total price such and such).

The price per lb. was not as stated on the large card. I looked for a worker, said that I should get it at the price on the large card. He said that was the price according to the flyer, that had ended the day before, if I remember correctly, and that the price today was as on the item.

I said that he was advertising it on the card as the lower price, and that was the price that I should get. After some back and forth discussion, with him insisting that the price on the card was yesterdays price, he marked it down for me, with slightly less than good grace.

I walked around the store for about 10 minutes, then returned ... to find that he had not removed the large card advertising the lower price. I think that I sought him out, asking how come he had not removed the card advertising the lower price, but if so, I don't recall his answer.

In any case, I asked for the manager, or went to seek him/her out, to ask how come I had such a hard time getting the advertised price, and then, having claimed that the advertised price was outdated, the employee had not removed the sign?

I don't recall his answer, but I went on to say that, since the prices on the UPC were not readable in dollars and cents, that some of us were suspicious that possibly the price listed on the shelf would not be what the UPC said, and which would be rung up at the register.

Which was precisely the way that I had just been treAted by his store, until I objected ... and I had to object rather strongly (and politely).

Interesting how we remember things - that must have been over 10 years ago, more likely 15. That store closed quite a few years ago.

ole joyful

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If there is an actual price listed on the item, you bet I'll argue it. (I used to live in Michigan and learned about the scanning law when I was a cashier)

If it is a store sign, I'll usually try to check the product code on the sign before I even bring the item to the register if the deal seems to good to be true. (if those match - heck yeah I'm arguing it)

Several years ago, I wanted to buy a holiday wreath that was stocked next to a sign that listed the brand, size and price but no product codes. The store refused to honor the price (the manager actually refused to come speak to me when I politely asked that he be called and then accused me of moving their signage around so I could get a deal) - it was five years ago, and I assure you that store hasn't gotten a penny of my money since.

I realize that mistakes happen, items get returned to the wrong place, etc, but if things are mismarked and they say one price and charge another, that is stealing.

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Dora Vann Snider

Bought a bill of groceries and was watching them check them out. All the sudden I saw $71 ring up for a bunch of bananas. Probably had four of them. Told the clerk that I didn't think that was the right price. She was very embarrassed. Another time they charged me $40 for some potatoes. After that, I stand and watch everything that is put into the computer. Didn't used to do that too much, but I could have been out big bucks and maybe not even known it.

Another store had a big sale on blackberry cobblers for $2.99 I loaded up three of them as they were nice size and we were expecting company. She rang up $8.99 for each. Told her about the sale tag.....well, it went to the ones over to the side of those and looked like a pudding cup. The sign was directly over the large ones. I went ahead and bought 2 as the company was coming that evening, but was not happy about it. Told them, in a nice way, that is was confusing.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable to bring these things to their attention, but I don't have money to spend on a mistake. Most clerks will be very nice and correct it immediately. You do get those at times that acts like it is such a pain and that you have slowed them down....oh, well!!

Dora Lou

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One Christmas season, we were in Alabama. I don't remember the name of the store. There were big bins of different kinds of nuts and the price for each kind was $1 per pound. The pistachios were off to themselves. I love them and have never been able to afford to get my fill of them. So I got a couple of pounds and they rang up for $1 per pound. I told the cashier that I thought they were priced wrong, that pistachios are never that cheap. She replied in a very snippy tone that "That's what the computer says and computers are never wrong". I said OK. Then I went right back and got 10 pounds and went through the line again. The next night, I was there again and the price had been changed to $3.99 per pound.

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Probably the manager bought a deal(and too many nuts) on those and averaged the price per pound until inventory nut stock levels got reasonable.

After your 10 lb purchase made a dent in that bin he slowed down the sale of them by upping the price to a more normal level & feels like he's getting rich on his purchased deal.

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My husband and I encountered this situation recently. We bought a desk from Sears and we saved so much money on it that we picked out a new office chair to go with it. It was a nice black leather chair and the tag said it was on sale for $199.99.

We couldn't get the furniture for about a week, but when we left the store, we didn't notice that the salesperson actually had the wrong product code on the invoice, so when we went to pick up the chair it was the wrong one.

We returned to the store the following Saturday to return the wrong chair and get the correct chair ordered. I see my chair, but no longer did it have price tags on it, and when the salesperson looked up the product code, it said the price was $399.99.

We told her we were 'positive' that was the chair we picked but her manager wasn't in so she said she would call us Monday. Sure enough, when she called us, the Manager actually admitted that they had priced that chair incorrectly (hence the missing tags), but would gladly honor the pricing for us!

I thought that was amazing since we really didn't have any 'proof' that was the chair we picked since our invoice had the wrong chair on it, plus the tags were removed. Their honesty will ensure we do business with them again!!

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I'll stop the cashier and insist on the price on the sticker. Even if I know it's wrong because all the rest had a different price on the sticker. It's a New York State law, the merchant has to give it to you for the sticker price.

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Loralee 2007,

Wouldn't it have been thoughtful if you'd decided to take some flowers or some other token of appreciation to the manager of that store?

Especially something that could be put out where the staff congregate, so that all could enjoy it ...

... and learn of the fact that their manager had received a token of appreciation/compliment for his having treated a customer well.

Some years ago, en route to the bathroom in the dark of early morning, I'd cracked my head on the (rather unenthusiastic about moving) edge of a door, splitting my lip and opening a split in my forehead.

Feeling rather woozy, I'd gone back to bed for a while, travelled a number of miles for an appointment, returned to try (unsuccessfully) to get a friend to patch me up ...

... and showed up at an emergency ward at about 11 p.m.

The resident consulted with the supervisor as to whether to use stitches on these old wounds, and was given permission to do so.

I don't remember how many stitches that she put in, but at the end they gave me a prescription for heavy pain pills, which I didn't fill, having 24-hour pharmacy nearby (and had little discomfort).

A few weeks later, everything had healed up well, with scarcely any hint of a scar.

I took a bouquet of flowers in to the emergency room one day to be given to her.

Some of the staff who were present at the time were rather surprised ... and appreciative.

Theirs is not an easy task.

Now, 17 years later, I have a hard time seeing where the cuts were.

Also, a fraction of an inch to one side ...

... and I'd have banged my nose, head-on!!

That would have been much more painful ... and likely have left more visible long-term aftermath!

Sometimes, in the midst of a difficulty ... we're, none the less, lucky!

ole joyful

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In all honesty I'm against the insisiting on a mismarked item.

I will insist on an advertised price. I will insist when the store has a sign.

If all of them say 3.99 and there is 1 at 1.99 and it doesn't come up 1.99 at the scan, it should be 3.99.

too many cheap people take a price off of one item to put on another to take advantage of the store.

I don't know what the law on something like that is, but I think its sleazy to insist on a price you know is wrong. its different if there is legitamate confusion, but 1 missmarked item, when all else say something different etc etc looks like someone is trying to cheat the system to me.

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If i'm at a cashier and something rings up the wrong price,I just continue going thru the line, take the receipt to the office and handle it there. I don't want to slow down other shoppers but I also want the right price. Once I handed a cashier a twenty dollar bill but she put it in as $200 so the register showed I was owed change of something like$195.00. I had a good laugh and so did the cashier.

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Here in Canada there is a voluntary "Scanning Code of Practice" many stores do subscribe to. A&P being one of them. There's a sign usuall stuck to the glass window or door but not always, Sometimes they're pasted to the cash register etc etc.. no standard and usually they're covered up by other "memos" etc or half ripped off LOL..Anyways the deal is if that they scan something for more than the advertised or shelf price you get the item for free up to a value of $10.
Well it happens all the time at the A&P, they're terrible. The first time it happened I'd bought a block of Kraft Cheese on sale that rang up at the regular price. I didn't notice till I was walking out after paying so I went to the customer service desk and she handed me the difference. I pointed to the Scanning Code of Practice sign and asked if I didn't get it for free and she begrudgingly gave me the full amount back stating that most people can't be bothered.. Well too bad I can be LOL

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I bought my son a disney dvd from walmart and it had a "lower price" stating the price was $15.96 and I made sure to check at the register because most of the mischarges I've gotten at walmart is things that were marked down at the display and ring up the original price, Needless to say it rang up full price and I pointed the right price grantee to the girl at the register, I got it for the lower price and -$3. But I get charged the wrong price alot at walmart and usually I have both of my kids with me trying to put gum and other impulse items into the buggy and price checking isn't a proirty.

Short answer, yes if I catch it I will stick them to their price match promis.

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I have been known to go get a sale sign and bring it up to the register in cases where a cashier doubts my honesty or doesn't feel like checking the correct price her/himself.

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I don't argue. I try to avoid stress. Arguing with a salesclerk is stressful for me.

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Yes, I always insist on the correct price (sometimes I have read the price on the shelf wrong because I wasn't wearing my reading glasses but I'm o.k. with admitting my eyesight isn't what it used to be).

Not too long ago I bought about $240 worth of stuff at Home Depot. I had a 20% off coupon and it was deducted. Then tax was added and the register had added more than $20 than it should have been. I called the clerk on it and she said the register said the amount was what it should be. She called her manager and he said the same thing. Said the only way they could check would be to void the sale and ring up my many items over again. I said, "Do it". She did and, lo and behold, the amount came out correct that time.

I called our state weights and measures department and complained (how many people would have paid the extra $20 and not noticed it due to the subtraction of 20% and then addition of tax?). I also told them that, in the past, I had purchased stuff there that was maybe 6 cents more than the shelf sign. Not enough for me take the time to correct, but the volume that they do, 6 cents per a particular item adds up. They (the state) actually went to the store and checked the registers and called me as to what they had found. Evidently, somehow, the coupon fouled up their computer as the computers were working correctly when the state person was there.

In grocery stores, I mentally add up the items as I put them on the counter, rounding up or down so at least I know approximately what my bill will be. When it's more than a couple of dollars, I check my tape to see what the discrepancy is. Usually, it's my arithmetic, but not always.

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I usually do the rounding as I fill my cart or basket and surprisingly because I'm bad at math I usually come pretty close, within a dollar or two many times.
I don't like the cashier to start ringing in though until I've got my stuff on the belt so I can see what the stuff is scanning at and have a chance to refute something if I'm positive it's wrong.

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I will absolutely argue. Depending on where you live, there are laws regarding these types of things (generally fall under false advertising). I've been known to go back to a store with the item and the receipt after I've gotten home.

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